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<br />Funding - legacy project by Rotary Park will provide financial support. They’ve raised $60,000 so far and hope <br />to reach $100,000 to the end of the year. Matching dollar for dollar with anonymous donor. We can move to <br />a more public fundraising effort when we get a better estimated cost on everything proposed. <br /> <br />The Rotarians are proposing that the city conducts the trail repair work as part of the partnership. <br /> <br />How many people use those trails currently and what is the prediction on the uptick. How many people is the <br />design hoping to accommodate? Currently there are not a lot of users unfortunately, but with the increase in <br />signage, they feel that it’ll create an uptick in users who are looking for a hike in downtown Anacortes. <br /> <br />Bob noted that Cap Sante is a Fish and Wildlife Habitat Conservation area that requires reports to be done so <br />it can be sustained that th ere would be no loss in habitat function or value. Trail can be fortified within the <br />current trail. Ultimately, construction to make it safer to use and easier on the ground. Trail project <br />standpoint, we are a community blessed with many trails and have experience building and repairing it, and in <br />this case, we can help do it hopefully without major construction. <br /> <br />ADA accessible for mt baker viewpoint is possible. <br /> <br />Department Reports: <br />• Dustin: we were able to get basketball going under phase 1 guidelines. we have 80 kids signed up <br />small groups of 6-7 pods. working on skills and parents and children are excited to be doing something <br />active. Using city hall gym. school district not letting outside users use their facilities. Travis has been <br />partnered with the library to do virtual fitness classes. Instead of daddy daughter dance, encouraging <br />dads to take their daughters out for date night at local restaurants and outside activities to get t hem <br />out. Depot Plaza Restroom installed and delivered took 2 days to complete. it was 2 sections and each <br />section was about 75000 pounds. Farmers market will be excited. not open yet, need connections still. <br />Going to get a concrete sidewalk around it with landscaping. hopefully open in march. <br />• Bob: continually impressed by our crew and how nice the new Causland memorial project going, and <br />Washington Park. Wind storm clean up - about 90% open in the forest lands. a few places in the forest <br />lands where trees are not down but tipped over and could be dangerously hanging - curious for the <br />approach for those. If you see it, please let the us know as we're trying to get those. <br />• Nicole: few of our parks took a hit from the wind storm - cemetery we had 3-4 giant trees go down, <br />giant tree down at Tursi Park, lots of branches at Washington Park and Storvik. We had the Kiwanis <br />service club volunteer and they have been doing a weekly clean up and was super helpful and makes <br />the parks much nicer. Continually impressed with Brian's Washington Park utility A upgrade work. Sky, <br />Steve and Gary Robinson have been working on the pavers at Causland park. Battling water at the <br />cemetery expansion. Been a tough time to work through a expansion during the winter. We are <br />holding off the paving until we get a better weather window. Then we will hydroseed and finish the <br />pond and wrap up phase 1. Hopefully to start phase 2 in August of this year. Anacortes high school <br />honor society club - picked up litter and trash along the Tommy Thompson and other parks. We’re <br />getting ready for baseball season - meeting with coaches next week to find out what it'll look like to <br />hopefully have a somewhat normal spring sports season. New lights at the skate park is great, is there <br />a way to keep the lights on longer at Storvik Park to give people more options to be outside more. <br />• Lea: Anacortes Senior Center still closed to the public. Coming to 1 year on march 11. Even with the <br />door closed we are pretty active and doing as much as we can virtually. We are replicating our in- <br />person programs to virtual. Goal is to add 2-3 programs a month. We have also revived the program <br />silver foxes. Coffee hour with Mayor Gere. Cooking group is adding a 2nd class. Working to provide a <br />wide variety of information to seniors to get more information out there. AARP usually run free tax