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ANACORTES PARKS & RECREATION <br />Advisory Commission <br />Meeting Minutes <br /> Sarah Nichols, Chairperson <br />Jo Ann York-Gilmore <br />Brad Adams <br />Christine Hansen <br />Alex Hernandez <br /> <br />February 9, 2021 <br /> <br />Members Present: Sarah Nichols, Jo Ann York-Gilmore, Christine Hansen, Brad Adams. <br />Staff Present: Jonn Lunsford, Bob Vaux, Dustin South, Nicole Johnston, Lea DeVere and Victoria Wong. <br />Others Present: Tom Decker, Jack Darnton <br /> <br />Called to Order: 6:02 PM <br /> <br />Minutes: December minutes were approved as submitted. <br /> <br />Public Comments: Rotary Club presentation by Tom Decker and Jack Darnton. <br />Parks and Recreation and Rotary Club discussions: both have worked for over a year on a proposed project to <br />celebrate the Rotary Club’s centennial in 2022-2023. Making use of existing infrastructure and new <br />infrastructure at Cap Sante Park. <br /> <br />Cape Sante Park – Anacortes Rotary Centennial legacy project. Three different elements were proposed: <br />Rotary viewpoint trail, improvement suggestions at the base of Cap Sante park, public involvement activity to <br />maintain park. The Rotary Club is interested in Cap Sante Park because it’ll be the Rotary Club’s centennial in <br />2022-2023 and they would like to work on a legacy project that would have great impact on the community. <br />They chose Cap Sante park because it needed a little TLC and a project that needed the Rotary Club to get it <br />up to date. <br /> <br />What they’re looking to improve on: trail to the top that’s easy to find and to follow, better public viewing <br />with better access, paved walkway along marina to refurbished gazebo, keep hikers off the road for safety <br />and on one path. Cap Sante in French is translated to in health. More and more people especially this past <br />year need more trails that are closer to d owntown and easier to reach. Rotary viewpoint trail - trail would be <br />easier to find, increase use of the trail to lessen traffic at the summit, keeping more people off the road and <br />promote more use in general. <br /> <br />The trail runs along the shoreline for a while then hits the gazebo, and then this is where the trail cuts <br />through the disc golf course and it makes it harder to find so we propose more signage to make it obvious. <br />The parking lot area needs a little love because it can get slippery. <br /> <br />Signage opportunities on all entrances could help better direct people to the trail itself. <br /> <br />Rotary Viewpoint trail concepts - priority to pedestrian and pets no horses and motorized vehicles, 2-person <br />tread, minimize disk golf impact, trail surface to protect terrain, trail amenities with signage and benches <br />about half way up. Parking lot up at the summit will be levelled as much as possible. <br />