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ti-----"art2■p0IIIa FW21l10♦W LPW3)nThlt ?a ttt,# t N11 <br /> 13822 0YR <br /> ed2/ 1 12 S Peon 1 of 4 Foe SIN 52 <br /> Return Address <br /> City of Ar cortCS <br /> Planning,Community& Economic Development Department <br /> PO Box5a2 <br /> Anacortes,WA 98221 <br /> Please print of type information WASHINGTON STATE RECORDER'S Cover Sheet.(RCW 65 04) <br /> Document Titles)(or transactions contained therein) <br /> COVENANT FOR OWNER OCCUPANCY <br /> Reference Number(sl of Documents assigned or released' <br /> Project Number $LI) - Low - bZ 8' O <br /> Grantors) (bast name,first name,middle initial) <br /> l "it FED, s'Fevet) <br /> 2. <br /> Additional names on page_of document <br /> Grantee(s)(Last name,first,then first name and initials) <br /> THE CITY OF ANACORTES <br /> legal deurtptIon(abbreviated:I.e.lot,block plat or section, township,range) <br /> LoT3 I� ays9 le , ?t_oc,sc yot , CITY oe /s.a A c M_TEsi sooty <br /> rid 11430/2/116 2- <br /> n : NA:ur tc iai�s'ee of Scterr ly'R6 ODY wRrNINI Toid or <br /> itt'a ,7gVGn� m <br /> Additional legal is on page�of document. <br /> Assessor's Property Tax Parcel/Account Number <br /> Y J5/69 <br /> The Auditor/Recorder will rely on the information provided on the form. The staff will not read the <br /> I;document to verily the accuracy or completeness of the indexing information provided herein. <br />