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`e CERTIFICATE OF INbULA i I <br />PROFICIENT <br />INSULATION SOLUTIONS For the following home: <br />1211 10th St <br />Street address <br />Anacortes WA 98274 4k <br />City State Zip <br />The undersigned certifies that Fiberglass insulation products have been installed in accordance with the manufacturer's <br />(name of manufacturer or pruduct name) <br />recommended applications for these products. <br />R VALUE _ THICKNESS <br />Attic R49 Blown -in <br />16 3/4" <br />Vaulted ceilings R38 Batts <br />12" <br />Exterior Walls R21 Batts 5.5" <br />Partition Walls N/A <br />Subfloor <br />Headers <br />PROFlIS845QG <br />R38 Batts <br />12" <br />R10 Rigid foam board 1.5" <br />03/18/2021 A" cwn <br />State License Date Installer Signature <br />1309 S 12TH ST. <br />MOUNT VERNON, WA 98274 <br />PHONE: (360) 661-6320 <br />EMAIL: <br />