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<br />Holly removal, February 27, 2021. Photo: Asa Deane <br />March 2021 Parks and ACFL Operations <br />Administrative Report <br /> <br />After a year’s hiatus, it was great to get our quarterly ACFL work parties back in action. In partnership with the Friends of <br />the Forest, we hosted 18 highly motivated community members on Feb. 27th. Many invasive plants were removed from <br />the banks of Ace of Hearts Creek in the North Heart Unit, and we also picked up litter along both sides of Heart Lake <br />Road from trailhead #208 south to the power lines at #248 trailhead. Thanks to all who showed up and left the site <br />better than they found it. <br /> <br />On March 4th we held our first Forest Advisory Board meeting since last March. It was great to see everyone, and get this <br />important body accessible to the public once again. <br /> <br />I continue to help Steve in the woods as I am able, mostly clearing trail when large or complicated blowdown is involved. <br />We did have a nice afternoon of neighborhood outreach near the #105 trailhead in Rockridge. We are working up there <br />to reestablish an awareness and observance of ACFL boundaries. We also continue to work city-wide on a variety of tree <br />issues outside the ACFL. <br /> <br />As we have discussed at a variety of public meetings, planning actions required for the Whistle Lake Dam safety and <br />maintenance protocols continue. ACFL Steve and I have worked with our consultant on numerous site visits, as well as <br />reaching out to a variety of city staff in both Public Works and Planning. As the plan evolves, we will certainly keep our <br />community updated. <br /> <br />ACFL trail #10 saw some very specific water damage at a spot between junctions with #’s 117 and 113. We had a <br />preconstruction site meeting with Planning, Public Works and a wetlands biologist. I am working with all on the repair <br />plan. <br /> <br />Our in-house work on the Washington Park ‘A’ Loop campground utility upgrades continues with consistent, measured <br />success. Brian Tottenham and the crew have been carefully trenching in and around our park forest, laying conduit for <br />the new electrical lines (which has passed L & I inspection), and prepping sites for the improved pedestals delivering