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Anacortes Historic Preservation Board <br /> Meeting Minutes <br /> 7 p.m. Tuesday, 16 December 2008 <br /> City Hall Meeting Room <br /> 1. Call to Order/Roll Call <br /> Susan Rooks, Margaret Delourme, Steve Oakley, Steve Cox, Susan Fahey, Jim <br /> Young <br /> Guest: Rob Harrison <br /> Agendas will be formally finalized and approved at each meeting following roll <br /> call - moved by Steve Cox, seconded by Jim Young, unanimously approved. <br /> 2. Public Comment Period (for items not on the agenda) <br /> None <br /> 3. Correspondence <br /> The CLG Year End report has been completed and a copy sent to all members <br /> for comment. It will be submitted to the Department of Archeology and <br /> Historic Preservation (DAHP) before year's end, as required. <br /> 4. New Business <br /> Acting Chair Susan Rooks expressed to Margaret Delourme the Board's <br /> great appreciation for her six years of service and her efforts to assure <br /> continuity on the board by providing records from her tenure. <br /> --Welcome New Board Members <br /> Susan Fahey was welcomed to the Board. Rob Harrison was also <br /> welcomed in advance of his officially joining the board in January. <br /> --Calendar/Project List for 2009 <br /> Several additions were offered and discussed including field trips, <br /> workshops, and placing on the local register properties already on the <br /> National Register. Jim Young mentioned that Preservation Consultant <br /> Julie Koler has identified 37 properties as potentially eligible for the <br /> National or Local Registers. The revised listing will be circulated for <br /> review before the next meeting. The project list is expected to be finalized <br /> during the January meeting. <br />