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Anacortes Historic Preservation Board <br /> Tuesday, 18 November 2008 <br /> 7 p.m. Meeting <br /> City Hall Council Chambers <br /> 1. Call to Order/Roll Call <br /> Present: Karen Marshall, Susan Rooks, Margaret Delourme , Jim Young, Steve Oakley. <br /> Absent: Steve Cox (family matter) <br /> Guests: Nick Petrish, Susan Fahey, Douglas Erlandson, Hal Rooks <br /> 2. Public Comment Period (for items not on the agenda) <br /> none <br /> 3. Correspondence <br /> A. ALR Final Form Revisions <br /> Expect to be done in 2 weeks <br /> B. Other <br /> Washington trust for Historic Preservation invited APHB to a 2 Dec holiday open <br /> house a the Stimson-Green Mansion in Seattle. <br /> 4. New Business <br /> A. Anacortes Landmark Nomination Review: 1502 8th Street <br /> Dave & Nancy Ridgway stated that they sought the registration because they want <br /> to preserve Old Town and see their historic home as their contribution. The prior <br /> long-term (90-plus year) ownership of the house by the Lowman family is <br /> particularly attractive to them, personally. The house is intact, aside from a <br /> modernized kitchen. <br /> The Ridgways found the historic research for the application enjoyable as well as <br /> enlightening. <br /> No statement of opposition was expressed. <br /> Steve Oakley reviewed the staff report that is on file in the Museum with the <br /> application. <br /> Margaret Delourme moved, Susan Rooks second to accept the application <br /> unanimously approved <br />