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Anacortes Historic Preservation Board Minutes <br /> Tuesday, September 16, 2008 <br /> City Hall Meeting Room <br /> 1. The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm. Present were Karen Marshall, Margaret <br /> Delourme, Susan Rooks, Mike Trafton & Steve Oakley. Absent was, Steve Cox <br /> 2. Introduction of guests — Jim Young, Nancy Ridgway and Hal Rooks <br /> 3. Public Comment— Jim Young asked about the process followed when establishing <br /> meeting agendas. Discussion followed <br /> 4. August minutes were tabled — quorum not present from August meeting <br /> 5. Correspondence <br /> A. Reviewed info for possible field trips to Everett HPC & Bellingham HPC <br /> B. Julie Koler reports that new ALR form is nearing completion <br /> 6. Discussion/Action Items <br /> A. Old Town Overlay was approved as interim Ordinance 2776 <br /> on Sept.15 & begins 60 day statewide comment period <br /> B. Update on CLG Grant 2008: RFQ will be revised and mailed to approved <br /> consultants <br /> C. Update on City database flagging of surveyed properties: A letter has been <br /> prepared and will be sent to residents whose property is included in the historic <br /> inventory to explain the flagging program <br /> D. Ordinance 2530 Review: suggested revisions incorporated and sent to DAHP <br /> for comment <br /> E. Update on Anacortes Register: Two nominations will be emailed to board for <br /> review prior to next meeting <br /> F. Plaque Program Update: Explained that plaque program would be an easy <br /> first step towards applying for the Local Register & reviewed 5 step nomination <br /> process <br /> G. Apex Funds Project and History discussed <br /> Adjourned 9:25 pm <br /> Respectfully submitted October 21, 2008 <br /> Steve Oakley, Museum Liaison <br />