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Anacortes Historic Preservation Board <br /> Meeting Minutes <br /> Tuesday, 17 March 2009 <br /> 7 p.m. Meeting <br /> City Hall Meeting Room <br /> 1. Call to Order/Roll Call <br /> Present: Susan Rooks, Susan Fahey, Steve Cox, Jim Young, Steve Oakley <br /> Absent: Rob Harrison, <br /> 2. Vote on Meeting Agenda for 17 March 2009 <br /> approved as is <br /> 3. Public Comment Period (for items not on the agenda) <br /> none <br /> 4. Correspondence/Chair's Report <br /> A. Report on Open Public Meetings Act Training <br /> Special training session was attended by Susan Rooks, Steve Oakley, <br /> and City officials. Only notification of media to attend special meetings, <br /> not a public notice, is required. Other nuances learned were described <br /> to the Board. Copy of the training materials will be filed in the Museum. <br /> B. Report on email communication from Julie Koler <br /> Julie's doctor has advised her that it will take 6 to 9 months for her to <br /> fully recover her health. Julie has said she intends to visit by the end of <br /> March. <br /> Action (Oakley;Rooks): review contract milestones, set date for meeting <br /> with Julie <br /> C. Report on email communication from Mike Trafton <br /> Due to time constraints, Mike has resigned from the Board effective 1 <br /> Jan 09. His adjunct position does not require a replacement. <br /> D. Report on letter to owners of ARHP properties <br /> The letters have been sent. <br /> E. Invitation to speak at Rotary breakfast <br /> Meeting will be at the Majestic 7:00 a., 21 March. Susan Rooks will <br /> present the House History program. <br /> 5. Unfinished Discussion/Action Items <br /> A. Update on placing City's National Register properties on local register <br /> In progress <br /> Action (Cox): take photos of W.T. Preston, GW Depot, Wilson Hotel, and <br /> Causland Park. <br /> Action (Rooks,Fahey):generate signature page and picture packages. <br /> B. Update on Apex Project (Steve C, Jim Y, others) <br /> Jim checked on the feasibility of the signage being made more durable <br /> than plastic laminated paper. For 18" x 30" signs: <br />