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C. Update on Apex Project <br /> Jim presented his ideas for a "what was" theme. Susan Rooks noted that <br /> placards can be made for approx $100 each, inclusive of set-up costs. <br /> Polycarbonate covers could be used for UV filters. The costly item is the <br /> framing display/mount - we need more information and cost estimates <br /> for these to estimate how far the funds will go. <br /> Variations on this theme and how the signage would be publicized were <br /> discussed. No decisions were made. <br /> D. Update on survey and Julie Koler <br /> Julie is in poor health and her ability to support our grant work is <br /> uncertain. Susan Rooks will discuss our situation with Megan Duvall at <br /> DAHP. <br /> E. Preservation Awards <br /> Susan Fahey will prepare a press announcement. <br /> 6. New Business <br /> A. Vote on House History applications received <br /> The first House History was received. It was reviewed and approved <br /> during this meeting. <br /> B. Draft reminder of Register responsibilities (circulated in advance) <br /> A final version will be circulated to the Board and then sent to owners of <br /> buildings and properties on the register per earlier emails. <br /> 7. Reading and Vote on Minutes <br /> approved via email <br /> 8. Adjournment 9:40 pm <br />