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Anacortes Historic Preservation Board <br /> Meeting Minutes <br /> Tuesday, 17 February 2009 <br /> 7 p.m. Meeting <br /> City Hall Meeting Room <br /> 1. Call to Order/Roll Call <br /> Present: Susan Rooks, Susan Fahey, Rob Harrison, Jim Young, Steve <br /> Oakley <br /> Absent: Steve Cox on family absence. <br /> 2. Vote on Meeting Agenda for 17 February 2009 <br /> approved as proposed <br /> 3. Public Comment Period (for items not on the agenda) <br /> no new items <br /> 4. Correspondence <br /> --Letter to Anacortes Housing Authority <br /> Letter with Certificate of Appropriateness granted under emergency <br /> conditions was received by the Housing Authority. No representative <br /> from the Housing Authority was present at tonight's meeting, and a <br /> telephone message left on February 6 by the HA Director indicated that <br /> the work had been halted. A follow-up phone call by the Chair and <br /> message requesting clarification was not returned. We will notify the HA <br /> that the CofA has been rescinded - Rob Harrison has action to draft the <br /> letter. <br /> --Notification of 2010 DAHP grants <br /> Application is due 16 April 2009 and must subsequently be defended in <br /> Olympia. Funding has been drastically cut for this year. Forty-percent <br /> matching funding or in-kind support will be required - DAHP will be <br /> giving preference to CLGs with matching funding. Everyone is urged to <br /> read the grant and application handbook. <br /> 5. Unfinished Discussion/Action Items <br /> A. Update on Jan 24 Workshop/Plaque Program (Susan R.) <br /> Almost 70 people attended and a list of attendees has been prepared and <br /> circulated to Board members. A number of people appear to be working <br /> on house histories. Anders Signs will prepare as few as five plaques at a <br /> time, giving us greater flexibility in ordering. We are planning publicity <br /> for the awarding of the first plaques. <br /> B. Update on placing City's National Register properties on local register <br /> We need photos of the 4 elevations and a new signature page for each of <br /> the City's NR properties. Action to Susan Fahey and Susan Rooks. <br />