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Anacortes Historic Preservation Board <br /> Special Meeting Minutes <br /> 7 p.m. Wednesday, 4 February 2009 <br /> Museum Library <br /> 1. Call to Order/Roll Call <br /> Present: Robert Harrison, Steve Cox, Susan Rooks, Susan Fahey, <br /> Jim Young, Steve Oakley <br /> 2. Purpose <br /> A Special Meeting of the Board was convened to discuss the <br /> Anacortes Housing Authority's intention to install security cameras along <br /> the exterior of the New Wilson Hotel, a building on the Anacortes, <br /> Washington State, and National Registers. <br /> The known facts were presented by the Chair, and the floor opened for <br /> discussion. Members were concerned that the Housing Authority had <br /> not followed the procedures that are laid out in Anacortes Ordinance <br /> 2530, regarding exterior work on a landmarked building and that the <br /> Board had not been notified in advance about the work. Members <br /> pointed out that these procedures were established to ensure that the <br /> Board complied with Washington State RCW 42.30, The Open Public <br /> Meeting Act. <br /> Nevertheless, the Board voted to grant a Certificate of Appropriateness <br /> for the work. <br /> A draft letter to the Housing Authority was presented by the Chair. The <br /> Board voted to approve the letter with the following additions: <br /> • The Board wished to underline that the need to meet the Public <br /> Meeting Act's requirements. <br /> • The Board requested that a representative of the Housing <br /> Authority attend the next Board meeting, which is scheduled for <br /> 17 February 2009, to present the scope of the work. <br /> The Board also suggested that a letter be sent to owners of buildings on <br /> the Anacortes Register to remind them of the need to discuss any work <br /> planned for the exterior prior to its commencement. <br />