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Anacortes Historic Preservation Board <br /> Meeting Minutes <br /> 7 p.m. Tuesday, 20 January 2009 <br /> City Hall Meeting Room <br /> 1. Call to Order/Roll Call <br /> Present: Robert Harrison, Steve Cox, Susan Rooks, Susan Fahey, Jim Young, <br /> Steve Oakley <br /> Guest: Hal Rooks <br /> 2. Vote on Meeting Agenda for 20 January 2009 <br /> Unanimously approved as is. <br /> 3. Election of Chair and Vice Chair for 2009 <br /> Jim Young nominated Susan Rooks as Chair; seconded by Susan Fahey - <br /> unanimously approved. <br /> Jim Young nominated Steve Cox as Vice Chair; seconded by Susan Fahey - <br /> unanimously approved. <br /> 4. Public Comment Period (for items not on the agenda) <br /> none <br /> 5. Correspondence <br /> --Letter from Cindy Morton, SON, regarding property at 2120 12th St. <br /> The letter was discussed. Per Rob's suggestion, the Board will make the <br /> Planning Commission and City Council, Mayor, and the Planning <br /> Manager aware of Ms. Morton's letter with the Board's input concerning <br /> properties in her neighborhood that are in the Historic Inventory. <br /> 6. Unfinished Discussion/Action Items <br /> A. Update on ARHP nominations (Susan R.) <br /> Mayor presented the certificates at last Monday's City Council meeting, <br /> completing the Register process. <br /> B. Update on Jan 24 Workshop/Plaque Program (Susan R.) <br /> Presentation is ready to go. Equipment is secured. <br /> Two vendors have each supplied examples/prototypes to for plaques; two <br /> other designs will be shown to workshop participants. . <br /> c. Update on Apex Project (Steve C.) <br /> One style of hardware for holding the signage has been found and runs <br /> about 10% the cost of the Guemes Ferry parking lot signs. The actual <br /> poster can be made inexpensively locally. Rob Harrison pointed out the <br /> need to use UV-resistant inks on the final posters. Steve Cox will be <br /> meeting with Mitch Everton tomorrow to review the interpretive signage <br /> ideas. <br />