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Dustin Johnson reiterated that the proposed program was a starting point. He emphasized that the AFC team <br /> would be intentional about collecting and analyzing data to reach the best results and would share all <br /> information with the public. Mr. Johnson mentioned that he had already worked to bring some of the evening's <br /> speakers into conversation about developing the best policies and decisions for vulnerable populations. He <br /> invited public thoughts, concerns and feedback. <br /> Mr.Walters requested that staff revise the proposed agreement to set the term at 12 months,require quarterly <br /> reporting, and specify data collection standards per input from Ms. Eastman and Ms. Clark,then bring it back to <br /> Council for action on the Consent Agenda. Councilmembers agreed and urged adoption as soon as possible. <br /> 2021 Stormwater Management Program Plan <br /> Public Works Director Fred Buckenmeyer introduced NPDES Permit Coordinator Diane Hennebert. Ms. <br /> Hennebert presented the draft 2021 Stormwater Management Program Plan,which is a requirement of the City's <br /> NPDES permit. Ms. Hennebert's slide presentation had been included in the packet materials for the meeting. <br /> Access Anacortes Fiber Internet Update <br /> Administrative Services Director Emily Schuh provided the regular monthly update on Access Anacortes Fiber <br /> Internet.Ms. Schuh's slides were added to the packet materials for the meeting. She reported on customers in <br /> service,pending orders and revenue received, celebrating 624 customers in service at close of business earlier in <br /> the day. She noted the take rate by district,which was exceeding 34.4%overall.Ms. Schuh also reported on <br /> 2021 service areas and planned expansion, special projects in progress, and the pending EDA grant. <br /> Resolution 3025: Extending the Duration of Resolution 2082 Providing Temporary Procedures to <br /> Respond to the COVID-19 Epidemic <br /> City Clerk Steve Hoglund presented draft Resolution 3025 extending through June 30,2021 the duration of <br /> Resolution 2082 providing temporary procedures to respond to the COVID-19 epidemic.Mr. Hoglund noted <br /> that Sections 2C and 2D from original Resolution 2082 were no longer applicable as the Anacortes Public <br /> Library prepared to reopen as allowed by state guidance. <br /> Following councilmember discussion,Mr.Walters suggested modifying draft Resolution 3025 to add a Section <br /> 3 which would rescind Sections 2C and 2D from Resolution 2082 and specify instead that city facilities would <br /> follow published public health guidance. He asked that modified Resolution 3025 come back to City Council for <br /> action on the Consent Agenda at its March 22, 2021 meeting.Mr. Hoglund agreed. <br /> Several councilmembers expressed support for continuing options for remote public participation in public <br /> meetings indefinitely. <br /> Adjournment <br /> There being no further business,at approximately 8:10 p.m. the Anacortes City Council meeting of March 15, <br /> 2021 was adjourned. <br /> Anacortes City Council Minutes -March 15,2021 <br /> 3 <br /> Page 5 of 148 <br />