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c. Contract Modification: Municipal Broadband Network—Library to MSTs Aerial Areas#19-175- <br /> FBR-003 <br /> d. Contract Modification: Skagit River Raw Water Pipeline and Clearwell Project-Construction <br /> Management#20-048-WTR-002 <br /> OTHER BUSINESS <br /> Anacortes Family Center Social Worker Contract#21-061-IDS-001 <br /> Police Captain Dave Floyd presented a contract between the City of Anacortes and the Anacortes Family Center <br /> (AFC)to provide assistance to those contacted by City staff who are in need of homeless services,chemical <br /> dependency counseling or ongoing case support. Captain Floyd explained the rationale behind implementing the <br /> proposed agreement rather than embedding a social worker directly in the Police Department. Councilmembers <br /> discussed a number of possible revisions, including the term of the agreement,the reporting period, and the <br /> required response time. Dustin Johnson,AFC Executive Director,and Captain Floyd responded on those topics. <br /> Mr.McDougall invited members of the audience to comment on this agenda item. <br /> Katie Eastman thanked Anacortes for implementing the proposed contract,calling it an effective way to provide <br /> support to clients in crisis. Ms. Eastman suggested specific data collection points and urged direct,timely <br /> communication between service providers and the police. <br /> Will McCracken thanked Anacortes for implementing the proposed contract. Mr. McCracken urged a <br /> willingness to discover new things about the support that is needed in the community and thinking of new ways <br /> to support people in crisis. He supported the agreement as a one-year contract. <br /> Rochelle Kealoha shared anecdotal evidence of the immense need in the community and said that AFC was not <br /> able to meet that need. Ms.Kealoha objected that the meeting packet was released on Thursday but that there <br /> had been no opportunity to comment on the proposed contract until the present meeting. She said the proposed <br /> solution had not sufficiently included stakeholders. She listed additional features she would like to see in the <br /> agreement and called for pursuing alternatives. <br /> Kate Clark urged more communication with the community about when City Council committee meetings are <br /> occurring so the community can participate.Ms. Clark called the proposed agreement a great first step towards <br /> an embedded social worker in the Anacortes Police Department. She listed a number of specific points about <br /> data collection,reporting and analysis under the agreement to enable evaluation of the success of the pilot <br /> program. <br /> Teresa Delarosa related an account of a situation in which the AFC social worker provided invaluable assistance <br /> in meeting the mental health needs of a vulnerable family member when the only other option had been to call <br /> the Police Department. <br /> Eric Johnson thanked Anacortes for proposing the agreement,which culminated a process begun by the Housing <br /> Affordability and Community Services Committee back in 2016. At that point stakeholders had identified the <br /> need for a co-located social service agency to work with the Anacortes Police Department.Mr.Johnson <br /> supported implementing the agreement as soon as possible. <br /> Evan Saxton expressed support for the proposed agreement but said the research about embedded social workers <br /> needed to continue as promised by City Council in December. Mr. Saxton said other communities had found <br /> vouchers and referrals to be inferior to a true embedded social worker. <br /> Anacortes City Council Minutes-March 15, 2021 <br /> 2 <br /> Page 4 of 148 <br />