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We are preparing our plans for seasonal hires, as March is already next week.Some jobs should be posted today. <br /> We are looking forward to expanding the team for the"busy"months. <br /> Most of us on the Parks&Rec team are working on getting the downtown street tree Christmas lights removed so <br /> we may proceed with a much needed round of pruning. <br /> As the City owns and manages two dams within the ACFL,the Department of Ecology has safety protocol required <br /> for each.You may remember the work done at the Little Cranberry dam in the mid go's.This included tree and <br /> vegetation removal,the construction of a spillway and installation of a log boom.We do an annual inspection and <br /> send that to DOE. <br /> The earthen dam at Whistle Lake has not been upgraded to these standards,and DOE has reached out to us to <br /> explore options for necessary safety upgrades.The dam,just north of Toot Swamp is crossed by trail#zo5 and is <br /> rarely noticed by most forest visitors.We are currently working with a consultant on some options going forward, <br /> and may have these ready for discussion at the March Forest Board meeting. It should be noted that Whistle Lake <br /> is still the backup water supply for the City. <br /> Keeping a close eye on beaver activity,notching dams where we have permitted ability to do so. <br /> Doing my best to help Steve out on a variety of trail projects,most still involving cutting windfall out of the way of <br /> trails. <br /> Enjoyed another great Samish Nation/City of Anacortes hike in the ACFL with Denise Crowe. No matter how many <br /> years we have been hiking the trails, I always learn something new.This connection is greatly appreciated. <br /> Bob Vaux,Assistant Director <br /> Parks Maintenance Report <br /> Grand View Cemetery Expansion Update: <br /> After a long weather delay, Tiger Construction paved cemetery exit road yesterday. Tiger Construction will <br /> plan to come back by the end of March/early April to put the final touches on the swale, work the open dirt <br /> and hydroseed. All of this can potentially happen sooner than later if we get a break in the rain. This will wrap <br /> up Phase One. <br /> We are planning for Phase Two of the Grand View Cemetery expansion and we are hopeful to start work by <br /> August. Phase Two will include final landscaping, irrigation, a columbarium area, surveying for the layout of <br /> the cemetery plots and preparing the area for use as a cemetery. <br /> In the end we are looking to have over 2,000 plots for sale and a columbarium area (A columbarium is a <br /> structure usually for holding cremated remains) and we will have more trees and grass to make the area look <br /> like a cemetery. <br /> Field Use Update: After a successful Feb. 20th Volunteer Park work party the fields are on their way to be ready for the <br /> AHS Baseball/ Fastpitch season to start March 22nd. Still have lots of work to do on Ace of Hearts, Rotary Field and <br /> Storvik ballfields. Hoping to plan a work party with Anacortes Little League and Blackhawk Baseball Club to help us get <br /> those fields ready. Youth baseball will start early in March. <br /> Crew Update: Crew remains busy clearing trees at the Cemetery, we had another large limb fall around the same time <br /> as when the snow came. Sky and Brian have been plugging away at the Washington Park Utility Upgrade project, Steve <br /> has been keeping trails clear in the ACFL and has been assigned the job to take the lights off the downtown trees so he <br />