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a good sense of purpose. The Center has provided free pick up and drop off of books and puzzles at <br /> the front of the center. This summer, a new metal roof was installed at the Center and the kitchen floor <br /> was replaced. <br /> Depot Plaza Restroom: <br /> • Under the City Website, a page was created to keep citizens up to date on the progress of this project. <br /> The company is currently a little behind and we expected the delivery of the restroom unit in January, <br /> but it's been pushed back to mid-February. It still gives us plenty of time to have it ready before spring. <br /> Sailing Partnership: <br /> • We have partnered with the Anacortes Waterfront Alliance to offer sailing classes through them. <br /> Cemetery Expansion Project: <br /> • Poplar trees have been taken down, and is a very different look at the Cemetery. Tiger <br /> Construction has been preparing the road for the stormwater detention pond they'll be <br /> installing shortly. They're also working on the catch basin and will be hydroseeding at the end <br /> of December. They are still on schedule to finish their work by the end of December. <br /> Landscaping for the cemetery will come in phase 2 which will hopefully be in 2021. Over 150 <br /> trees will be planted along the side bordering St. Mary's church. Planting additional trees is a <br /> requirement when trees are being taken down. <br /> Other Business: Four people retired this year. Mary Snyder, Valora Sandstrom, Sally Hill and Heather <br /> Brennan. We were unable to provide a proper party for them and hopefully we can do so once things open up <br /> again. Very thankful the crew has been able to jump in and fill gaps where necessary. A potential new bike <br /> skills course is being looked at by Whistle lake Rd meets Dow Lane where it's in the County, but owned by the <br /> City. Looking at possible pump track and equestrian oval combined. <br /> Meeting adjourned at approximately 7:02. <br /> The NEXT MEETING will be held on Tuesday, February 9, 2021, at 6:00 PM, virtually. <br /> Respectfully submitted by, <br /> Victoria Wong Approved: 12/11/2020 <br />