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Moved to approve the fee schedule — so moved by all. <br /> Park impact fee update: <br /> • Berk consulting was the firm that updated the fire impact fee and they help to look at the formula in <br /> conjunction of what the State Department of Commerce needs in order for the Parks impact fee <br /> updated. Berk Consulting has been selected to help with update. The last update was in 1998. <br /> • Currently, the Parks impact fee is $616. Based on future park improvements such as the West 6th St <br /> park, upgrades to Storvik Park, and trailhead improvements we're looking to have the fee doubled to <br /> reflect the park usage upticks and population growth over the years. <br /> • Towns of our size has been looked at for examples of fee range and also commercial impact fees were <br /> looked at as well. <br /> • Berk Consulting will have a draft policy for us to update the Capital Facilities Plan and will go to the City <br /> Council for approval. Ideal timeline is to have the draft policy circulate and forwarded to Council, <br /> Planning, Parks sub committee so we can start public comment that needs 60 days in order for us to <br /> update the fee structure itself. We're looking to have this be part of the update in March 2021. <br /> Department Reports: <br /> • Dustin reported that summer and fall programs were planned in hopes for restrictions being lifted, but in <br /> the end the programs did not get to run. Travis and Dustin pivoted to help out the parks crew with <br /> mowing, being an extra set of hands with the crew, rest room hot spots, garbage collection at the parks. <br /> Between helping the parks crew, Travis and Dustin was able to offer a few programs that were <br /> successful. Soccer Pods with volunteer parent coaches was able to play a few games at the end of <br /> October as some restrictions eased a little. Travis adapted and ran with the idea and eventual <br /> execution of Camp Active — a program to get kids out and moving. The first session was offered <br /> outdoors. The second session was cut short due to the restrictions being back on in November. The <br /> recreation team has teamed up with the Chamber of Commerce to offer the Anacortes Light Show that <br /> includes local businesses to light up their own shop with an interactive map for residents to view the <br /> lights and vote for their favorite display. Zoom with Santa was also very entertaining and successful <br /> with Travis as Santa doing 10-minute Zoom sessions with kids to ask them what they wanted for <br /> Christmas. Anacortes Holiday walk/run challenge is the 30-day challenge where you log your mileage <br /> and see at the end how far you've gone. In the fall, Dustin offered the Mt. Erie Vertical Challenge to <br /> ultimately get people out and moving and was successful. <br /> • Bob gave a report about the uptick of park user numbers in parks and forest lands as the public is <br /> increasingly turning to the outdoors to recreate during the pandemic. The loop road holiday decoration <br /> policy is in effect. A designated location and time period have been roped off and those participating will <br /> be taking their own decorations down. This was prompted because decorations that were up during <br /> Thanksgiving weekend were taken down anonymously, and not by Parks staff. The public is <br /> appreciative on us trying to work with them to come to an agreement. Lastly, working with the family <br /> center and police for the extended stay of those who are homeless at Washington Park has been <br /> smooth. <br /> • Nicole gave a report about Pickett Pocket Park and nice Samaritans volunteered to weed the <br /> flowerbeds and did ask to put solar lights by the trunk of the trees to give some holiday cheer and was <br /> approved. The Parks crew had a great time using the boom truck to put up holiday lights in the <br /> Commercial Ave stretch up to 8th St. Congratulations are in order to Steve Phillips for being a certified <br /> arborist on the team. Nicola Mitchell also received her certification as a Playground Safety Inspector. <br /> • Lea at the Senior Center reported that we closed the doors in early March in response to the pandemic, <br /> but the Meals on Wheels program still runs out of the Center and provides meals to 65 people in the <br /> program. Most programs have been converted to being virtual and we're pleased to find seniors <br /> adapting to the Zoom platform well. Some programs that have turned virtual are the Seated wellness, <br /> Cookbook club, coffee with Laurie, Coffee with Karl, Wellness Committee with mindfulness back in <br /> action. The Seniors do say they miss the social interaction, the volunteering and games that gives them <br />