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ANACORTES PARKS & RECREATION <br /> Advisory Commission <br /> Meeting Minutes <br /> Sarah Nichols,Chairperson <br /> Jo Ann York-Gilmore <br /> Brad Adams <br /> Christine Hansen <br /> Alex Hernandez <br /> December 8, 2020 <br /> Members Present: Sarah Nichols, Jo Ann York-Gilmore, Christine Hansen, Alex Hernandez, Brad Adams. <br /> Staff Present: Jonn Lunsford, Bob Vaux, Dustin South, Nicole Johnston, Lea DeVere and Victoria Wong. <br /> Others Present: none. <br /> Called to Order: 6:02 PM <br /> Minutes: February minutes were approved as submitted. <br /> Public Comments: None. <br /> Correspondence/Communications: <br /> • Jonn updated the commission on the Parks Foundation donation of$5,000 to the new Causland <br /> Memorial Wall. <br /> • The City and the Anacortes Parks Foundation are working on a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). <br /> The Foundation has been a longtime partner of the City and like other foundations that the City works <br /> with, this agreement is better defining that relationship. <br /> • There has been an uptick in communication within the Parks and Recreation social media outlets. <br /> There has been both gracious and concerned comments and has been answered appropriately. <br /> Washington Park Fee Increase: <br /> • The Washington Park fees has gone up in small increments over the years with some years staying the <br /> same and some years with a price jump because of the formula based on the CPI. It was being <br /> calculated manually over the years. <br /> • With the update and debut of the new boat launch, utility upgrades and improvements to Loop C, we <br /> are looking at an update to reflect the cost of these improvements. Price comparisons with Deception <br /> Pass State Park and San Juan Island camping sites reflect that Washington Park has very reasonable <br /> and comparable rates. We're looking for a 10% increase across the board on all fees. <br /> • In the new year, we are looking to join the unified fee structure set forth by Finance, and will be updated <br /> yearly in relation to inflation. City Council will then review these fee increases accordingly. <br /> • The hiker/biker area as an example does not attract as much business due to its rugged terrain and the <br /> infrastructure not being quite up to par. But with the new updated fee, it will have the highest jump in <br /> price because of years of extremely low costs. <br />