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AB· Wed rt2 st1 2y, Marcl 110,20 21 Anacort~.s American I Lagal Noti<~.s <br />... ,.~g al Notices <br />ORDER FOR-Washington Stale Depart -. <br />·--------------____ .. ________ --·-------SERVlee-eY-------·ment -Gl-.Ecoi"fjy -reg3rding · -Req"•sl:· The applicant has · <br />PUBLICATION/ this .Apphcat1on , or 1n.t erest-reguasted a . Cleanng .& <br />POSTIN G AND ~~$ 1 ~p~~~~~~:~~ n~~~!~~1~·~ ma~l~:~~~:r~~t, t~~ 78c~~c11·~ <br />NOTIC E OF ACTION Ecology in writ ing no later prcject •i1e. Phase 1 wo uld <br />than 30 1foys of t he I.1st include the upland w ork. <br />STArE Of! MICHIGAN date of pub!ica1ion of this outside of shoreli ne juris- <br />JUD ICAL DISTR ICT natic~. Ec ol ogy reviews diction , to include: rough <br />2'/'TH J UDICft.L CIRC UIT public comment s and con-si te grad ing . constructkln <br />ClllJN TY P HOB ATE ,s.iders whE:th ~r disc h!\rg e$ of new roads, including <br />from lhis pr ojt:-c t would curb and sidewalks. san i .. <br />C ASE NO. causa a mMsurnble tarv sl3wer mains, storm <br />2 0-51266-DC :."'hange in rece1 v1 ng watet ma"ins. and water main s. <br />Cc·urt Addr~ss <br />1092 E Newell St., <br />\t\lhit e Cbud , Ml 49349 <br />Court telephone no . <br />2-11 -€8 9-7252 <br />Ph1intiff ,·1<.,.·n~{9i , atidres!5 <br />(es). and tele phone n o(s). <br />B ra ndon Sc hutter <br />225 .S Cha!leng er Blvd, <br />Ap t C <br />Grunt . Ml 49327 <br />v. <br />Defendant name{s), <br />adch-ass (es) g,nd <br />telsphona no(s) <br />Br-c<ln na Lynn Cross <br />TO'. Breann a Lynn Cross <br />IT IS ORDERED <br />1. You are being sue d in <br />~~!::: :c.~·.ir: bj' !b -:: p!.:!i n~ift <br />to Establi sh Cust:Jdy <br />~'1-Ii~ <br />i''hild Support. You <br />quality, ar ld , if sa, whether TI-1e stormwater infrastruc· <br />the projec.t is necessa1y ture includes water quality <br />=s nd in the over ridi ng public treatment for the new road <br />interest according to Tiar 11 run off. Phasa 2 of the prc - <br />anti-dl3 gradation requiri:i-posed work would occur <br />ments under VVA C 173-within shoreline jurisd iction <br />201 A.-320. Commeot s can and requires a Shorelin e <br />be submitted to: Substantial Development <br />ec1 ;ewqianc 1«ii·ecy.·.r.·a.gcv. Permit (SSOP); said SSOP <br />or Department of Ee.el egy is to be submitted and re- <br />Attn: Water Quality Pro-viewed independently frcm <br />gram. Constrn ction this request. Phase 2 would <br />Sto1mwater P.O. Bo>: include: rough site grad ing, <br />47696 . Ol yrnpia, WA within shoreline jurisdiction. <br />98504-7696 of 150,000 cu. yds. of fill <br />and over 400 cu . ~·els. of <br />Published cut. ll1e project sit e is lo- <br />March 03 & 1 O, 2021 cat ed within t he Marine <br />AA·2044034 ~~~7;~t. Use (MMU) zon in g <br />Required Projec t <br />Permits/Approvals · l11e <br />followin g may be required <br />in addition tc the above: <br />Shoreline Substantial De- <br />velopment Pem1 it, SEPA <br />environmental re view. <br />Commercial Building Per- <br />mit, Stormwater Peirm i1 <br />(WSDOE), right-of-way per- <br />mits <br />~·~~!t ~lt~i~~u;.,;tf~~~~v~~·~~~ The fo llowing i!i a summary <br />r~i tted 11~1 law in this of an Ordinance passed by <br />SEPA Re ·:iew: Based en <br />the submitted application <br />and avai lable information, <br />the City anticipates i$sui ng <br />an MONS for th is proposa l <br />and the option al DN S pre- <br />cess as specified in WAC <br />197.11.355 is bei ng uti lized. <br />Consequently, this may be <br />the on ly opportunity to <br />comment on tha environ - <br />mental impacts of this pro- <br />posal. This proposal may <br />include mitigation m ea- <br />sures under applicable <br />codes. and the project re- <br />view process may incorpo- <br />ra te or require mitigation <br />mea ~u res regardles s of <br />whoJ:thar an EIS is pr epared. <br />A c1.)JJY of th-a sub$oq uent <br />SEPA threshol d dete rmina- <br />tion fo r th~ proposal m.:\y <br />b~ c.'bt~lined upon reques t. <br />c ourt at t he court ad -the Anacortes City Cour1cil <br />d r~s s above on or b~-..:in March 1, 2021 . <br />fore 3 -3 1-2021. If v ou <br />!ail to do so, a deiaull ORDINANCE NO . 3085 <br />judgment may be an- <br />tart3ci against you for <br />t he re li ef demanded in <br />ti'-f.:-complaint fil ed in <br />this C 3~':!. <br />AN ORDINANC E RE PEAL- <br />ING ORDI NANCE 2474 <br />AN D ADOPTll·lG A SCHED- <br />ULE FOR AS SES SMEN T <br />AND COLLECTION OF <br />"ARI\$ Al·.iD RECRE.A.TION <br />IMPACT FEES <br />2. A cc·py of this order <br />~ha ll be publi~hed or1c e <br />a ·week ead ; ·11eek in <br />6llit~-Q~~ <br />A1 ·a cortes Wa£h1natqn A .:::opy of the complet e 1mn <br />[•:] tf"tec :::.o:iseClmve ·:;:of e.;ch ordinance is postE'!d <br />~~~:~) ~~~~~r~r~a~~~~~~ip~ill y B~if~~~ <br />prt"tcf ing. 6th Straet and Q Av- <br />eha!! ~nue Upon request 1o t h~ E.x1stmg En\lm:mmental <br />onvrt. -------City-Clerk's -Otrice {360~ -Doeuments Geote·.::hn ica l <br />1. ___ Shall post 293-1900) copies will be Report; SEPA Check list: <br />a copy it this o r d ~r in mailed . Storrnwater Repo1t <br />t h~ co l~rt h ou sa . an d at <br />___ an d at St even D. Hoglund <br />CityCl03rk <br />f~c ri t i f lLIOLIS <br />weeks, <br />for [ L-~ and shall <br />file proof ·:>f post:ng in <br />t his :.:curt. <br />4 . A Ct.'PV cf thi s orde r <br />s:hall he sen t m <br />____ .a1t hc <br />lc:ist knovm address bv <br />regi stert;<d m.ail. ret urn <br />receipt requested . be- <br />fo re <br />l ] date of the las t pu bli- <br />c ation <br />[ l la st w eek of p osting <br />and t h.;! o1 fi davit or <br />1n ai !in g shall be fi led <br />•s ith this court. <br />Ull>1.9.!U <br />Date <br />/s/~J~._JJx&:n.M ... <br />~ <br />Jud git <br />Melissa I<. Dyk.m an <br />Published <br />Mar ch 10, 2021 <br />AA-2044569 <br />NO TICE OF <br />APPLICATION with <br />OPTIO NAL SEPA <br />ONS: <br />Public Hea ring: No ne re - <br />quited . .A Clearing & Grad - <br />ina Permit with a SEPA <br />Threshold Determination is <br />a Type 2 Administrative De- <br />cision. <br />Public Comment Period: <br />The Notice of Application <br />was published on March <br />1 Olh, 202 1. Written com- <br />ments must be s~ibm i tted <br />to the contact person listed <br />below by 5:00 PM on <br />March 24t h 2021. <br />ANY PERSON HAS TH E <br />RIGHT TO RECE IVE NO- <br />TICE, PARTICIPATE IN <br />ANY HEARINGS, RE- <br />QUEST A COPY OF THE <br />F I NA~ DECISION AN D <br />APPEAL THE DECISIO N <br />AS PROVIDE D BY LAW. <br />Document Availability: <br />PUBLISHED NOTICE IS HEREBY <br />Februari 24, CilVEN THAT AN AP- <br />Mar ch 3 & 10. 2021 PLICATrON WAS <br />Application documents may <br />be reviewed at <br />https·i/www anacortaswa - <br />gov/161 /Plenninq·Commuv <br />nity·Economic-Develop- <br />°'ent by clicking "Not i ce~ <br />of Application" and then <br />ope ning lhe appropriate <br />project file number folder. <br />AA-2043759 ~t~~N~Op~6~~;2_L- <br />Public Notice <br />An3.c:cppet LLC . Nels <br />Strc.\l,.:Jbe:g, 201 8 Fl Ave <br />An:t·::c11es, VI/A 982 21 . is <br />5t:-ek111 g ccver'ag~ under th e <br />Washington State Oepart- <br />1n etYi o~ E<~okigy 's Coi'i- <br />sl -uct i on St.:>rnw1:ater <br />NPDES :.m d St~ti;. Wa$l e <br />D1~ch~rg 1;1 Gt."';1 eral Permit . <br />Tli e G!'O P C·!ied pr~;jN:.t . 1-\n ~· <br />CL'>ppr:r LLC -T liE: C10~$- <br />~1~\~~01~~a~c ~~t:1~: A ~~c~~~~ <br />~~·r.·j ~~.~a~~m lv~~ur~\; a;1~~~ <br />ot ::011 dist L11 'b::,r1c €1 for Resi · <br />dent iz.L Utili ties construc- <br />tion activiti13 s, Tha :~caivinq <br />w;;.ter body is Ons1te Pond. <br />Any persons desiring 10 <br />present their v1e·,.1 s t o lhe <br />t=ilt! ffomb.,r: 8 L0 -202 1- <br />00:i:i <br />Oat•.? of Applica1i on: F!.?bru- <br />ary 22, 2021 Date ot Com- <br />pleteness: March 5. 2021 <br />Ap plicant: KPFF Consult- <br />in g Engineers -1001 5th <br /> , Suite 1600, Seattl e, <br />"-'VA 98 101 <br />a n downer: MJ B Prc per~ <br />, LLC · 5050 1$1 Ave S, <br />:S uite 1 O:?. ~~cat tle. WA <br />9813·1 <br />Project Lf}C ation: Th-3 <br />proi ~ct site-is located along <br />QJ R Ave on t he foll owing <br />parco:-ls : P/8000, P32953, <br />P.32965, P32966, P32967, <br />P32968, P329G'J, P32970 , <br />P3297 1, P32941. P3291o, <br />P32 915, P~2929, P329 13, <br />P32943, P58064 <br />For Project In form ation: <br />Em ily Morgan, Assoc iate <br />Planner; Phone: (360) 298- <br />4350 Email: emi!ym@cj ty - <br />ofanacortes om; Cit;• of <br />Anacortes. P.O. Box 547, <br />Anacortes, WA 98221 <br />Published <br />March 10, 2021 <br />AA-2044885