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ACFL Forest Advisory Board Minutes <br /> March 5, 2020 <br /> (Please note this March 5th meeting occurred just days before the City of Anacortes began implementing <br /> COV1D19 pandemic response protocols. Mention of future actions and activities is a reflection of this timing.) <br /> Attendees: Board Members: Sandra Starbuck, Chair, Brian Wetcher, JoAnn York-Gilmore, Nick Stowe <br /> Staff: Steve Phillips, Bob Vaux, Jonn Lunsford <br /> Public: Asa Deane, Friends of the Forest Executive Director, Dan Senour, ACFL Trail Committee, Stacey Curtis <br /> I. Meeting called to order at 6PM <br /> II. February Minutes Approved as Submitted <br /> III. Public Comments: S. Curtis submitted a letter dated Feb. 7, 2020 from the Department of Ecology <br /> regarding the closed city dump site. The letter is a notice that DOE is rescinding its previous position that the <br /> dump site required no further action. Curtis explained that the proposed bicycle skills park is the reason she <br /> comes to the Forest Advisory Board meetings. She asked that the City's website be updated to reflect the <br /> information contained in this letter, and hopes the FAB will discuss at its April meeting. <br /> Wetcher: it is unclear what DOE wants. <br /> Vaux: hopeful that Skagit County Health Dept water test results of the site will be shared with the COA by <br /> April FAB meeting. <br /> Lunsford: have other dump sites in Skagit County and beyond also received updated opinions from DOE? <br /> IV. Communication/Correspondence: Deane/FOF states the FOF had a good annual meeting last week, 50 <br /> folks in attendance. Announces FOF Naturalist Melissa Courtney is leaving her job, should be working through <br /> the month of June. The job has been posted, and they are hoping to bring on the new Educator mid-May. Vaux <br /> is scheduled to attend the next FOF Board meeting. There are two hikes coming up: March 20 at Little Beaver <br /> Pond and March 28th at Little Round Top. <br /> Lunsford: working on the Mt. Erie cell tower lease terms with the Kiwanis Club. We have reached out to <br /> a King County evaluator to assist us with discussion with Puget Sound Energy. <br /> Wetcher: would it be possible to work with the Police Department to impound motorcycles being illegally <br /> operated in the ACFL? He would like to reach out to the City Council and work on ordinance language in order <br /> to impound the motorcycles of repeat offenders. <br /> York-Gilmore: regular Parks Commission meeting will be March 10th. <br /> V. Ebikes: Vaux; I have reviewed some of our initial trial ideas with City Attorney Swetnam. She is looking <br /> further into how the ADA component may or may not work for this. Vaux then reviewed York-Gilmore's email <br /> with FAB regarding ideas for a trial Ebike period in the ACFL. Various ideas were shared about a permitting <br /> process, who qualifies for said permits, how many might be issued and who would qualify. <br />