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ACFL Maintenance Report JANUARY—2021 by Steve Phillips <br /> January 28, 2021 <br /> It was a fairly normal January until the severe windstorm that struck in the early morning of January <br /> 13. Since then our work has been prioritizing and clearing trails of fallen trees and broken limbs. And <br /> this will continue for at least another week, from the looks of it. <br /> The strong west wind wreaked havoc in NW Washington not only because of high wind speed out of <br /> the west (high enough to topple a semi truck on Deception Pass Bridge), but also because of <br /> saturated soil conditions leading up to the event. <br /> Many of the trees that were uprooted and downed are otherwise healthy trees, as you can see from <br /> a walk in the woods. When one comes upon one of these trees and takes a minute to study the soil <br /> depth, surrounding hydrology, and local topography, these conditions can help explain the <br /> aftermath. Sometimes we remain puzzled. But it is a fun thinking exercise to think not only about <br /> the trees that succumb to massive wind events, and also note those that carry on. How many <br /> windstorms like this have our old giants endured? <br /> It had seemed, as we approached the New Year, that we had already experienced a fairly windy <br /> winter, even leading up to this storm. <br /> I have had some help from the Parks crew on the tree mess. A few of my days have also been spent <br /> helping the rest of the team deal with windstorm aftermath at Grandview Cemetery. Wind did <br /> significant tree damage there as well as at Washington Park. <br /> Leading up to the wind event, the 32nd Street beaver deceiver went from being overtopped early in <br /> the month (January 4) to having caught up and only at about 75% capacity on January 12. For as <br /> wet a month as December was, we have gotten a rain reprieve in January. <br /> We have approval from our planning department to begin some trail repair work on trails 304 and <br /> 113. Stay tuned on those; after we catch up clearing trails, we hope to do these small projects in <br /> February. <br />