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As the City owns and manages two dams within the ACFL, the Department of Ecology has safety <br /> protocol required for each. You may remember the work done at the Little Cranberry dam in the <br /> mid 90's. This included tree and vegetation removal, the construction of a spillway and installation <br /> of a log boom. We do an annual inspection and send that to DOE. <br /> The earthen dam at Whistle Lake has not been upgraded to these standards, and DOE has reached <br /> out to us to explore options for necessary safety upgrades. The dam,just north of Toot Swamp is <br /> crossed by trail #205 and is rarely noticed by most forest visitors. We are currently working with a <br /> consultant on some options going forward, and may have these ready for discussion at the March <br /> Forest Board meeting. It should be noted that Whistle Lake is still the backup water supply for the <br /> City. <br /> A variety of City departments, including Parks & Recreation, continue work with the Anacortes <br /> Family Center and other generous community support groups on the issues surrounding <br /> homelessness. The embedded social worker discussion throughout the City Council's 2021 budget <br /> deliberations have given us some options we have not previously had. We continue to currently <br /> work together delivering services to those in need, while working on updated community protocol. <br /> We look forward to having some options to present to Council in the next few weeks. <br /> We did have some minor storm damage on the Guemes Channel Trail as a result of the recent west <br /> wind event. We were able to do all repair work in house, and within the parameters of our <br /> maintenance permits. <br /> I am reconnecting with the Pacific Northwest Trail Association Western Washington Regional <br /> Coordinator, Sterling Collins-Hill. He attended one of our "recent" in person Forest Board meetings <br /> asking about signage options. He and I are working on some informational signage at#248 and #100 <br /> trailheads (off of west end of 23rd Street). He has some grant funding available. <br /> Friends of the Forest Executive Director Asa Deane and I continue our regular meetings every two <br /> weeks. We are excited to be putting together an ACFL volunteer project for the end of February. <br /> Due to pandemic protocol, pre-registration to limit numbers will be required. Specifics for this will <br /> be distributed by Parks & Rec Communications Czar Victoria Wong soon. <br /> Thank you again to the Samish Indian Nation for our monthly connection and ACFL hike with Denise <br /> Crowe. Our January trip through the Little Cranberry burn zone was an exciting treasure hunt of <br /> native plant renewal power. Denise' sharing of Samish tradition and her years of ACFL presence <br /> greatly enriches our approach to ACFL management with every trip. <br /> ACFL Steve and I continue to work with Planning staff on trail repair projects. The wind storm has <br /> been a bit of a setback. We will get back on that schedule soon. <br /> Our Parks Impact Fee draft plan will be discussed next at the Feb 8 Council meeting. Washington <br /> Park proposed free increases will also be on the agenda. <br /> Faithfully Submitted, <br /> Bob Vaux, Assistant Director <br /> January 29, 2021 <br />