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January 2021 Parks and ACFL Operations <br /> Administrative Report <br /> This month I am combining my usually separate reports for the Parks Commission and Forest <br /> Advisory Board into one. If this does not work for the membership of either, please let me know. <br /> Otherwise, I will use this format going forward. <br /> We are happy to be gearing up for our second virtual Parks Commission meeting, to be held <br /> Tuesday, February 9t". We will be holding our first virtual Forest Advisory Board meeting on <br /> Thursday, March 4th. Meetings will commence at their usual 6PM timeslots. We will work with both <br /> groups to determine future meeting schedules. <br /> We did have a fairly quiet holiday season to wrap up 2020, a year that plenty has been spoken of <br /> and written about. Our staff was able to take some time off, while coordinating leave schedules to <br /> make sure we had office and field coverage each day. I would especially like to thank Washington <br /> Park Caretaker Chris Schmaus for his holiday coverage efforts. <br /> The New Year always starts with staff project planning and priority meetings. Our big three projects <br /> remain the cemetery expansion, the Washington Park 'A' Loop utility upgrades and the Depot <br /> restroom project. All three are currently moving forward in a timely and on budget schedule <br /> manner. Updates will be provided in other staff reports. Here is the latest from Washington Park: <br /> Parks Foreperson Brian Tottenham has been working with Jesse/VECA Electrical on <br /> planning/executing the trenching for the electrical conduit. We learned in C section that the water <br /> lines are fine, and can be left in place. Because of this, we are able to do the water delivery <br /> improvements above ground as needed. We are focusing on the electrical work now to better <br /> manage the timeline. There will be some pedestal relocation, so it is more timely to work on the <br /> water hook ups after conduit and new pedestals are in place. Brian is communicating this to Jim <br /> Rains (former Parks maintenance crew member, now with Wastewater Treatment. Our in house <br /> welder), and will plan work with him as we figure out just how much will be required. <br /> We are able to add some 50 amp service. Because of permitting limitations and the amount of <br /> power required, we can't do this at every pedestal, but maybe 2/3 of them. Once we have this <br /> confirmed, we will update our campground maps to reflect the 50 amp service available in both C <br /> and A. <br /> It is looking like we will need to upgrade at least one of the large breakers in the utility vault next to <br /> the B4 pay station. <br /> Once trenching is completed along with conduit in place, Jesse/VECA pulls the new wire and does <br /> the actual electrical hook up. <br /> Trenching is going well, and we were surprised at how soon the conduit will be arriving. <br /> After enjoying a relatively quiet December, the mid January wind event arrived and presented all of <br /> us with several challenges; power outages, roads closed, trails damaged and various parks and the <br /> cemetery subjected to significant tree loss, and some infrastructure damage. Our team has been <br /> doing a great job cleaning up and getting our parks and trails accessible. I have spent a fair amount <br /> of time in the ACFL supporting Steve Phillips' over the past couple of weeks. We are very close to <br /> having all of the trails at least passable. We will need to fine tune as time permits. <br />