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ACFL Maintenance Report DECEMBER—2020 by Steve Phillips <br /> December 23, 2020 <br /> It has been a rainy past 48 hours.The latest rain events have put us past the saturation point in all areas of the ACFL, as <br /> far as I can tell.At the end of the day yesterday, rain gave way to sleet, and soon snow. It was enough to leave a dusting <br /> on the ground on Mount Erie, but that quickly melted as more rain fell. Our improved, higher-capacity Beaver Deceiver <br /> at the outlet of 32nd Street Swamp is working at full capacity, but I still observed overland flow yesterday afternoon. I <br /> hope the dry weather today and tomorrow will give that system time to lower in time for the forecasted rain over the <br /> Christmas weekend. As with floods in larger river systems, a few dry days make a huge dry difference in the ability of our <br /> wetlands to absorb new precipitation. It's interesting to watch this on a landscape scale over time. <br /> Violations <br /> I have seen and heard of two separate motorbikers riding out of season. I also had a discussion with a gentleman on an <br /> electric bike. He claimed to be unaware that ebikes fall into the category of motorized bikes, and that they are not <br /> allowed this time of year. I later was able to show him the sign at the kiosk that he had ridden past that indicated the <br /> same policy. <br /> Trails — Drainage, erosion, bridges, fallen trees <br /> It was a big month for tree removals, owing to a few windstorms that passed through the region this month. My <br /> spreadsheet shows that I responded to 18 tree issues in the last month (down from 27 in November). <br /> Parks coworker AJ Yost and I took a boat with electric trolling motor for a trash-cleaning sail on December 2. We didn't <br /> haul out quite as many lures and beer cans as we expected, but we did find at least one shoreline party spot that I <br /> hadn't really been aware of. We did remove a handful of fishing line snarls from branches overhanging the lake, which is <br /> satisfying. <br /> Yesterday, AJ and I performed a fairly simple trail repair on a heavily used section of trail. You may have noticed a <br /> candlestick, and later a cone, in a hole adjacent to trail 108 just south of the western end of the 32"d Street Swamp. A <br /> large, living alder had tipped over, leaving a gaping hole where its root mass had been.The root mass was holding the <br /> trail in place prior to tipping, so we needed to build a small retaining wall to hold gravel on the trail. We backfilled the <br /> cedar wall with soil acquired from the root ball. The following photos capture the site before (12/16/20) and <br /> during/after(12/22/20). <br /> 1,j- tr',_:**:0,.,„ ,,..k.po.,, ,,o. '6,"',:k44'''''''':e-Ir',. ."- ' ( g ii ' <br /> ar .. <br /> �j ! ac, , ' ,_.e-- '—" <br /> fir Y n" Y ^ <br /> 4 �M F � " a ry � f � .i <br /> 1 <br /> ��� ti . r r .-;n Y•x a�fir' '` », fd -r-r <br /> 44 , <br /> fy `a'} fi Y :^ Y, eI ey L7✓ xTi <br /> ;$ <br /> vex ya. <br />