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Anacortes American/Legal Notices Wednesday.March 3,2021-A9 <br /> Legal <br /> _....... <br /> EMAIL: CLASSIFIED@SKAGITADS.COM • PHONE: (360) 424-4567 <br /> 0001 LEGAL ROTIEPO 0001 LEGAL emcee 0001 LEGAL amass <br /> t ORDER FOR Washington State Depart- DECISION AS PROVIDED <br /> SERVICE IO th p Ecology regarding BY uA <br /> PUBLICATION! ,his n Ecology's <br /> o y'Or action <br /> ot- <br /> POSTING AND ed in Epology's anion on Document Availabilhy: <br /> this Application,may notify Application documents may <br /> NOTICE OF ACTION Ecology in writingof later be reviewed at <br /> STATE than of udbfi ii the lase nou 161/Plonnins-wnr u <br /> JUDICAL ISTRI T date of publication of thew my-Eo noon-Dev loo- <br /> 27TH J L!CAL notice.b Ecology reviews pdy-Economic-ngveo- <br /> 277H JU UNTY CIRCUITROBAT alders comments and cam mot by clicking"Notices <br /> COUNTY PROBATE ciders whether discharged of Application"Owand then <br /> from this projause a ect would opening the number <br /> flde.appropriate <br /> 2057266-DC E NO. change in receiving water <br /> projecturable file number folder. <br /> Court Address quality, <br /> lity,and,if so,whether Appeals: Any party with <br /> UJ <br />• theProject is neetwearY standing may appeal the <br /> 1092 E Newell St., and in the overriding public decision,once made,within <br /> White Cloud,MI 49349 interest according to Ter II 14 calendar days after writ- <br /> anti-degradation require- ten notice of the decision isMEI <br /> Cour,telephone no. manta under WAC 173- mailed.per the provisions <br />• 231-E89-7252 bet A-320 milted s can in AMC 18.20.160,Appeals. <br /> asubmitted to: <br /> Plaintiff(e , ro mhon ole) yre Department <br /> y.woo For Project rg Information: <br /> Era and telephone role). Depart r f Quality Ecology Emily Morgan, Associate <br /> 225S.Calergendon r gran; Water Construction <br /> Pro- Planner; 3ano-98-4350, <br /> Apt S.Challenger Blvd, green, elruoBox g/trilyl.o q; ya- <br /> Gi a C Storm47650.atar P.O. WA codes.anl; Citytm of Ana- <br /> Giant,MI 49327 96504, Olympia, WA ning, Department PlanEoo- <br /> 96604-]6'a6 norm Community,&E . <br /> address.and <br /> attorney,bar no., min ,Development,Anacortes, <br /> P.O. <br /> Valerie <br /> and telephone er Published Box 547, Anacortes, WA <br /> address. <br /> M. Smolders March 03&10,2021 96221 <br /> 2029C AA-2044034 <br /> z ran Rapidseladon Drive Published <br /> D PO <br /> Grand Rapids,MI 49525 March 3,2021 <br /> et6-335-06]] AA-2044251 <br /> Defendantodne n of emrd. <br /> address(es)and <br /> telephone no(s) GAT Y Oyty Ul ›.., <br /> Braannaddr Lynn Cross <br /> TO'Breanna Lynn Cross i C0 <br /> > uj <br /> ITt.!Soft ar -�`' t• . <br /> 1. You are being sued in C ji <br /> this court by the plaintiff - <br /> to• <br /> C Establish Custody . t,9 I <br /> Parenting Time, d .GSI Y off. <br /> Child support, You NOTICE OF <br /> must file your answer or APPLICATION <br /> tithe then action phis ,.9 N GGi <br /> miffed by lac this NOTICE IS HEREBY GIV 4. <br /> - <br /> o 1---- <br /> court a[the noon d- EN THAT AN APPLICA- ' <br /> dress above cn be- '9 . +' <br />• fore 3above P, o v TION WAS MADE FOR CO¢ <br /> tail to!In so,a cefault THE FOLLOWING PROce <br /> - <br /> j:dgment may be en- ,POSAL: <br /> tared against you for File Number NOTICE OF <br /> the relief demanded in pW-2021-00011 DECISION ILLI Mill <br /> the complaint fled in •BLO.2021-0141 <br /> this case. <br /> 2 A copy of this order File Number <br /> Owner: HMO-2021-0001 <br /> > 1111.11; <br /> snail be published orlon Property <br /> week each week in Intrepid NW,LLC <br /> µnaortes American in Applicant <br /> Anacuortes Waelrinashinoton Applicant: Strandberg Brenda&David Williams <br /> Ix] three consecutive Constmction,INC <br /> weeks. Protect Location: <br /> For Ixj and Date of Application: 5707 Harrison Ave, <br /> proof of publication February 2,2021 Anacortes, Washington <br /> shall be fled in this 98221(P58977) <br /> Court. Date of Completeness: <br /> 3, Shall post February 24,2021 Project Description: The <br /> Z D <br /> copy it'this order in applicant requested <br /> the courthouse,and at Project Location: Home Occupation Permit to <br /> and at 1500 Skyline Way, produce baked goods, <br /> Anacortes, Washington such as pasta and bread, <br /> (xf three continuous 98221(P32466&P32468) within an existing single- <br /> weeks, family residence.The home <br /> for I I ,and shall Request:The applicant ie business would be acme- <br /> file proof of posting in requesting a Type-2 Site spry to the continued esi- <br /> this court. Plan Review and Clearing denial use or the building. <br /> 4. A copy of this order and Grading Permit for The subject property is lo- <br /> shall be sent to the construction o1 20- rated within the Residential <br /> at the townhonie units. The Low Density 2(R2)zoning <br /> last known addrese by project proposes (6) district. <br /> registered mail, return b elude an u attached(2)car ildings, each with (4) Data of Final Decision: - <br /> fora pl eyuestod. be- eachin- <br /> fore 25.2021 <br /> • <br /> I j data of the last publi- garden.The clearing and Notice of Decision <br /> cation gradingare or totoccur ed work Issued:March 3.2021 <br /> I n last wank of posting rc the groundwork <br /> and the Biscuit r preparationa to Include,in- <br /> nihing Mall be bled s proven of utilities,road condition: Approved with <br />' with this court, improvements, and pri- conditions <br /> Th <br /> 2/11/2021 subject property sslocat• The final decision may he <br /> Date ed within the Residential viewed by clicking"Cur- <br /> High Density 4A IRGA) rent Land Use Projects <br /> /v Melissa K. Dukman ionise district and Notices and than <br /> P60968 opening the appropriate <br /> Judge Other permits required. Project filo number folder <br /> Melissa K.Dykman The following may be - at time following link: <br /> PUBLISHED quired in addition to theh.119.8www.ane4orteswa: <br /> above: Construction gov/161/Plannino-Commu- <br /> February 24, stem-nester general permit nits-Economic-Develoo- <br /> March 3&10,2021 from WADOE,construction MEDI <br /> AA-2043750 plan approval,right-of-way APPeaIs Appeals of the <br /> Permit,building permits. decision for this proposal <br /> Environmental deco- must be filed by within 14 <br /> menu:Gectoohniool Inver- days of the date the deci- <br /> ngation&Engineering Re- lion was mailed.Please re- <br /> Public Notice port, far to AMC 19.20.030 and <br /> AMC c 19.20.180 for appeal VISIT <br /> Anandber 1C. fJals Public Hearing:Nona Rre-eview <br /> Procedures. <br /> Strandberg, 2013 f . is kra T.A Site Plan Review Project Contact: Emily <br /> Anacortes. rag 9nder is Ds a Type 2 AdministrativeSAFERCAR.GOY/ <br /> seeking j wversge under the Decision. Morgan,Associate Manner; <br /> Washington State Depart- Phone: (360) 29&4350; <br /> Depart- <br /> ment of Ecology's C Public Comment Period: Yinily TOMhrofana- <br /> lmction tate Waste Wa Notice r Application cones, <br /> Coy °f Ana- K I D S B U C K L E U P <br /> NPDES and Slate Waste published on March cones,P.O.Box 5of Ana- <br /> Discharge General Permit. 3rd, 2021. Written co - tortes.WA 98221 <br /> The proposed project,Ana- Fronts must be submitted Notice:AffectedAmect request <br /> ppei LLC -The Cross- to the contact person listed <br /> Ags, in located at 1905 below by 5.00 PM on o may quest <br /> Ana copper Rd in Anacortes March 17th,2021, change i1 t valuanen from ***** <br /> in �kani, county.21 °ads y a i I NHTSA <br /> protect elves 2fo ANYI PERSON HAS THE property tax g proposes <br /> of soil disturbance for Reel- RIGHT TO RECEIVE notwithstanding any pro- <br /> lint s L Utilities construe- NOTICE,PARTICIPATE IN grain ofrevaluati°n. �UICI <br /> lion activities.The receiving ANY HEARINGS, ,vw"into'.,.;e <br /> weteibody is Onsite Pond. REQUEST A COPY OF Published <br /> Any persons desiring to THE FINAL DECISION March 3,2021 <br /> present their views to the AND APPEAL THE AA-2044260 <br />