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AO-Wednesday,February 24,2021 Anacortes American!Legal Notices <br /> Legal a i ces <br /> ............. _- <br /> EMAIL: CLASSIFIED@SKAGITADS.COM • PHONE: (360) 424-4567 <br /> 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES <br /> full text of the proposed Or- Anacortes American in <br /> LLiS.1111;Y o dinanca will be mseled upon Anacortes Wasl on i nat <br /> request, wnd] three consecutive • <br /> k. <br /> This proposal may be so- For(] and <br /> proved,modified and op- proof of publication <br /> proved,or rejected by the shall be filed in this <br /> Board si Skagit County court. <br /> '9CpR`l' CBoard sionSkagit Your County 3. Shall past <br /> for against this matter a copy if this order in <br /> are invited either by Men- the courthouse,and at <br /> dance, representation. or and at <br /> NOTICE OF NEIGHBOR- letter. <br /> HOOD MEETING I three continuous <br /> Shouldncein-person pubn- weeks, <br /> A pre-application neigh-i9m dance at public far[] ,and shallUNI <br /> boyhood meeting via Zoom rn tings'hearinas continue file proof of posting in <br /> bided teleconference to- the <br /> heeGovemot prohibited this court, <br /> been confe to intro- by the Governor,you may 4. A copy of this order <br /> duce the potential project attend the Public Hearing shall be sent to <br /> 1.1.111111 <br /> describedbelow. The phone,online or by at th <br /> pose offto the meeting is to last known address hby <br /> e <br /> !form nai r-are and rate Participation in the public registered mail, return <br /> acted parties <br /> about the po- hearng.pursuant to Procla- receipt requested, be- <br /> stage: to project al 00 early ,:bona currently in place, fore <br /> stage and to tester comm.- shell be through remote ac- [(date of the last publi- <br /> icatial between the regard <br /> - pars pa Go in hetinpu To cation <br /> cant ate the public regares hearing,c in the public and <br /> week of posting <br /> icy potential project issues 3123n( calls 7 (ode)632- and the affidavit or <br /> andcpp 3123(Access Code:632-your mailing shall be filed <br /> pp rejoottDelorptiion: copu or jbie from your with this coon. <br /> Project Description:ion: onecomputer,Cr: tablet l aloo- <br /> City ofn Aaanewes isco, phone incornhttorkin/632327 Dale 021 <br /> trottiCit a new Anacortes <br /> for m1, property <br /> ne Date <br /> We Citye of Treatme t Q, trepertyowners <br /> Plant <br /> Treatment and/or other interested per- /s/ Melissa K. Wkmaq, <br /> Plant .This protect sons need not be present P8098Ca will <br /> catrees mect to the existing to comment. Judge <br /> 30"effluent line within the Melissa K.Dykman <br /> WWTP and T e 4 e pipe Please Parks <br /> t Brian W <br /> northr3 under T Ave,east un-again <br /> Adams,Parks&Recreation PUBLISHED <br /> dad 3rd St.and north again Director at <br /> o)4t6-1350 February24, <br /> under u.Ave where it will with any question., <br /> extend approximately sae March 3& 0,37 <br /> fee;into the Port towards NOTICE GIVEN BY ORDER AA-2049759 <br /> the Guemas Channel.All in- OF THE BOARD OF SKAG > liill <br /> - <br /> water wok will occur be- IT COUNTY COMMISSION- <br /> Iween Jury and October to ERS this 1st day of Febiu- <br /> e potential impacts ere,2021.eto <br /> aqua <br /> xcluded <br /> listed solace <br /> c <br /> species end forage fish <br /> species.Fish will also be Clerk of the board 0 116... <br /> excluded from the isolated <br /> irwwatcordco work area in 16 Advertised i the Skagit <br /> dance with the x 20er 15th Harold February <br /> 25, <br /> ProDOT and <br /> Exclusion t0th and February 25, <br /> Protocols ono anon:alo 2021. 111 <br /> Project Location:along Advertised in the Anacortes <br /> public right of way between American on February 17th <br /> 500 T Ave and d in Ana- and February 24,2021. Cle <br /> • aortas. WA the <br /> Gwmea Channel PUBLISH te>:Y O <br /> MEI <br /> Project Applicant/Rep- February 17 Ce.'3i`.„;. <br /> enmtc's` &24,2021 <br /> "I iiiM <br /> Name.Jordan Widener AA-2042789 r ' r Address:dan idea PI SE y. y;. +.,:' <br /> Everett,16 725-2 ,� �: <br /> Ever!:51A982�291 <br /> Email. jordancvmswidener- �Qo � <br /> a, ant W Z <br /> 1Meeting Date 8 Time: <br /> Tuesday.March 9th,2021 The Iollowing is a summary <br /> at Betio a Ordinance passed by <br /> Meeting Location:In or- ORDER FOR the Anacortes City Council <br /> der to comply withnor orders SERVICE BY an February 16,2021. <br /> Dom the Governor to not PUBLICATION/ Z D <br /> hold in-person meetings. POSTING AND ORDINANCE NO.3084 <br /> this neighborhood meeting NOTICE OF ACTION AN ORDINANCE AN OR- <br /> will be held virtually using <br /> Zoom. DINANCE OF THE CITY <br /> How to Join the Zoom STATE OF MICHIGAN OF ANACORTES,WASH- <br /> ' Meeting: CONTRACTING <br /> JUDICAL DISTRICT , RELATING TO <br /> 1. Go to the link below or 27TH JUDICAL CIRCUIT CONTR - <br /> • cell-in phone number:253- COUNTY PROBATE EDNESS; PROVIDING <br /> 215-5782 FOR THE ESTABLISH- ' <br /> 2. Enter meeting ID:989 CASE NO. MENT OF A REVOLVING - - . <br /> 445025 20-57288-DC LINE OF CREDIT MK- ' <br /> 4. When prompted for a DENCED BY THE IS- <br /> paascode,sorer:18g4gg Court Address SUANCE,SALE AND DE- <br /> For w b traction loin 1092E Newell St., LIVERY OF A NOT TO EX- <br /> • with this slink: n White Cloud,M149349 CEED$4,600,000 PRINCI- <br /> Join Zoom Meeting: Court tale h PAL AMOUNT LIMITED <br /> hltps:// 231.689-P52e no. TAX GENERAL OBLIGA- <br /> 0257pwd-N3ZeoEwrdeW TION NOTE, IN ORDER <br /> 149EgYeF.sT1g4WG1oZe09 Plaintiff n m(s address TO PROVIDE PART OF <br /> PUBLISHED le ,and telephone nd s THE FUNDS <br /> FEBRUARY 24,2tr2T s),an telephone <br /> (). NECESSARY TO DESIGN <br /> 2043857 Bra BrandonS C Schcl a Blvd, AND CONSTRUCT EX- <br /> AA A25pt C TENSIONS TO AND BET- <br /> Apant.M149327 TERMENTS OF THE <br /> CITY's FIBER OPTIC <br /> Plaintiff's attorney,bar no.. NETWORK FOR THE <br /> address,and telephone no. PURPOSE OF SUPPORT- <br /> Valerie M. Smolders ING CITY SERVICES AND <br /> P74768 OTHER MUNICIPAL AND <br /> NOTICE OF 2029 Cdadon Drive PUBLIC PURPOSES,AND <br /> PUBLIC HEARING Grand Rapids,MI 49525 TO PAY THE COSTS OF <br /> 616-335-0677 ISSUANCE AND SALE OF <br /> NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THE NOTE; FIXING OR <br /> that the Skagit County v SETTING PARAMETERS <br /> Board of Commissioners Defendant( ), WITH RESPECT TO GER- <br /> will hold a Public Hearing addresseses))and TAIN TERMS AND <br /> an March 2,2021,at the telephoneo(sj COVENANTS OF THE <br /> hour of 10:L41 a.m.,or Breanna Lynn Cross NOTE;APPOINTING THE • <br /> soon thereafter as possible CITY'S DESIGNATED <br /> in the Commissioners' TO:Breanna Lunn Cross REPRESENTATIVE TO <br /> • Hearing Room, Skagit APPROVE THE TERMS OF VISIT <br /> County Administration IT IS ORDERED THE SALE AND DELIV- <br /> Buildmy,1800 Continental 1. You are being sued in BAY OF THE NOTE TO <br /> Place. Mount Vernon, this court by the plaintiff NK; REPEALING <br /> Washington. for the pus- to E,stabUsh Custody ORDINANCE NO,3082 OF SA F E R CA R.G D V/ <br /> pose of receiving oral and Farentino Time. and THE CITY;AND PROVID- <br /> rider n comments to co, Child Support You ING FOR OTHER RELAT- <br /> ing an Ordinance amend- most file your answer - EA MATTERS K I D S B U C K L E U P <br /> 43:Chapter oi,nly9.04 of the Sk- take of by amen per- A copy of for cane is <br /> ugsi COunh'Cole. c luau by law in - teal of each ordinance is <br /> oust a the court ad- posted,atd the Anacortes <br /> The proposed m dyes abclr, or be- City Hal!,Anacortes Street <br /> SCC 5.04(specifically,establish <br /> fore In 2021s II you pal Building,6th Street and �.-*-A,** <br /> 5cc(5)m is a hour speed <br /> a jail to do so,a default th Avenue.Upon request to NHTSA <br /> five(5)on per hour speed tared g may be en- the Goy 0) Office(360- <br /> MIbe <br /> restriction for motorboats tared against you for 293.1900) copies will be <br /> and motor driven vessels the relief demanded in ailed. <br /> (including,but not limited the complaint filed in Steven D.Hoglund illyo.nhr>aq„c. <br /> to,powered personal w this case. City Clerk `�"' <br /> Nimrod)for Lake Erie,with 2. A copy of this order PUBLISHED allother other terms of SCC 9.04 shall be published once FEBRUARY 24,2021 <br /> remaining unchanged.The a week each week in AA 2043671 <br />