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Anacortes City Council Minutes - February 22, 2021 <br /> Call to Order <br /> Mayor Laurie Gere called to order the Anacortes City Council meeting of February 22, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. <br /> Councilmembers Jeremy Carter,Anthony Young,Ryan Walters, Christine Cleland-McGrath, Carolyn Moulton, <br /> Bruce McDougall and Matt Miller all participated in the meeting in absentia via video conference. Mr. Walters <br /> was not present for roll call but subsequently joined the meeting for the Executive Session.Mr.McDougall <br /> participated in the Executive Session but departed the meeting at the conclusion of the Executive Session. <br /> Executive Session: Potential Litigation or Litigation per RCW 42.30.110(1)(i) (30 minutes) <br /> Mayor Gere announced that City Council and the City Attorney would convene in Executive Session per RCW <br /> 42.30.110(i) for approximately 30 minutes to discuss potential litigation or litigation. The mayor advised that <br /> the regular meeting would then adjourn with no action having been taken. Councilmembers Jeremy Carter, <br /> Anthony Young,Ryan Walters, Christine Cleland-McGrath, Carolyn Moulton,Bruce McDougall and Matt <br /> Miller attended the executive session. At approximately 6:35 the meeting reconvened in open session. <br /> Announcements and Committee Reports <br /> COVID-19 Update: Mayor Gere shared current case statistics and trends for Anacortes, Skagit County,the <br /> North region,Washington State, and the nation. She reported on vaccination progress in Anacortes and in the <br /> county and on emergency funding measures in the state. <br /> Parks and Recreation Committee: Ms. Moulton reported from the Committee meeting held the previous week. <br /> The topics discussed included Smiley's Bottom reclamation work,the Whistle Lake dam management plan, <br /> progress on the Depot Plaza restroom project and the cemetery expansion project,recreation program offerings <br /> during Phase 2 of the pandemic Roadmap to Recovery, Senior Center programming,parks impact fees and <br /> Washington Park fee adjustments. <br /> Planning Committee: Ms. Cleland-McGrath reported from the Committee meeting held earlier in the evening. <br /> The topics discussed included the Critical Areas Ordinance update,the annual comprehensive plan amendment <br /> process,the R4 bonus height provision discussion,the Shoreline Master Program update, and pending HUD <br /> approval of the cold weather shelter. <br /> Public Comment <br /> No one present wished to address the Council on any topic not already on the agenda. <br /> Consent Agenda <br /> Mr.Young moved, seconded by Mr. Miller,to approve the following Consent Agenda items. The motion <br /> carried unanimously by voice vote. <br /> a. Minutes of February 16, 2021 <br /> b. Approval of claims in the amount of$787,925.18 <br /> The following vouchers/checks were approved for payment: <br /> EFT numbers: 99386 through 99418,total$167,675.59 <br /> Check numbers: 99419 through 99449,total$719,259.62 <br /> Wire transfer numbers: 279882 through 280556,total$32,544.02 <br /> c. Resolution 3019: Waiving the State Competitive Bidding Requirements for the Purchase of CRALEY <br /> FibreTM M-Series, an ANSI/NSF certified micro-duct system,for the City's gigabit passive optical <br /> network("GPON") <br /> Anacortes City Council Minutes-February 22,2021 <br /> 1 <br /> Page 3 of 154 <br />