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CONDITIONS OF APPROVAL: <br /> 1. Pursuant to AMC 19.47.040(C)(7), the owner/applicant shall obtain all required business licenses <br /> for the proposed home occupation. <br /> 2. Pursuant to AMC 19.47.040(D), any expansion or change of the nature of the home <br /> occupation that does not qualify for a minor permit revision, requires a new permit. <br /> 3. Any updates to the existing kitchen, including the addition of commercial appliance(s), shall <br /> require a building permit from the City of Anacortes. <br /> APPEALS: <br /> Pursuant to AMC Section 19.20.180, the applicant or any party of record may appeal this administrative <br /> decision to the Hearing Examiner by filing a notice of appeal delivered to the City Clerk within 14 calendar <br /> days after written notice of the decision is mailed and with the appropriate appeal fees. <br /> Page 3 of 3 <br />