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in 1998. He reviewed the Anacortes Parks Impact Fees Rate Study prepared by Berk Consulting,LLC. Mr. <br /> Lunsford's slide presentation was added to the packet materials for the meeting. He collected councilmember <br /> feedback and questions to be addressed by the consultant at a future presentation of this topic prior to Council <br /> taking action. Mr. Walters and Mr. McDougall urged staff to have the consultant investigate means of indexing <br /> residential impact fees to expected number of residents in the home. <br /> Washington Park Fee Rate Update <br /> Assistant Parks and Recreation Director Bob Vaux presented a proposed fee increase at Washington Park to <br /> provide additional revenue for improvements at the Park and its campground. Under the proposal, City residents <br /> would continue to pay a reduced rate for park services compared to out of town visitors. Mr. Vaux requested <br /> Council direction on implementing the proposed fee increase.Mr. Lunsford advised that the fees would need to <br /> be adopted by resolution to add them to the City's Unified Fee Schedule. Councilmembers were generally <br /> supportive of the proposed rates. <br /> Resolution 3016: Wastewater Plant Outfall Competitive Bidding Waiver <br /> City Attorney Darcy Swetnam presented draft Resolution 3016 which would authorize the replacement and <br /> relocation of the existing wastewater plant outfall pipe,construction of an associated combined sewer overflow <br /> pump station, and decommissioning of associated existing infrastructure without following competitive bidding <br /> requirements in awarding the contract. Ms. Swetnam summarized the RCWs that allowed this course of action. <br /> Ms. Swetnam noted that in response to councilmember feedback, she had revised the resolution earlier in the <br /> day, after publication of the packet. She reviewed the revisions,which were indicated in red on the revised <br /> resolution.Ms. Swetnam and Public Works Director Fred Buckenmeyer responded to councilmember <br /> questions. <br /> RYAN WALTERS moved, seconded by ANTHONY YOUNG,to approve Resolution 2016 as presented by the <br /> City Attorney. Vote: Ayes-JEREMY CARTER,ANTHONY YOUNG,RYAN WALTERS, CHRISTINE <br /> CLELAND-MCGRATH, CAROLYN MOULTON,BRUCE MCDOUGALL,MATT MILLER.Nays -None. <br /> Result: Passed <br /> Adjournment <br /> There being no further business,at approximately 7:10 p.m.the Anacortes City Council meeting of February 8, <br /> 2021 was adjourned. <br /> Anacortes City Council Minutes -February 8,2021 2 <br /> Page 4 of 56 <br />