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Other Business <br /> Commercial Avenue Complete Streets Project Phase 1 - 11th Street to 13th Street Alternatives <br /> Public Works Director Fred Buckenmeyer,Engineering Project Manager Tim Hohmann, consultant Brandon <br /> Gonzalez from Alta Planning+Design and consultant Andrew Bratlien from TSI presented background <br /> information,the results of the virtual open house,traffic analysis, and intersection control evaluation for the <br /> 12th and Commercial intersection to be designed as a part of the proposed Commercial Avenue Complete <br /> Streets Project Phase 1. Mr. Hohmann's and Mr. Gonzalez's slide presentations were added to the packet <br /> materials for the meeting. The project team presented the intersection alternatives that had been evaluated and <br /> the public input on those alternatives. <br /> The project team requested Council endorsement of a preferred alternative before moving the project to the <br /> preliminary design phase and expending resources for continuing evaluation of the alternative selected. The <br /> team recommended the roundabout alternative. <br /> The project team responded to councilmember questions about ferry traffic volumes and the Safeway entrance. <br /> Mr. Walters asked to have repaving 11th Street between 0 Avenue and Commercial Avenue made part of this <br /> project. Several councilmembers urged further modeling of Safeway entrance options. The project team <br /> explained the public and business owner resistance to closing the Safeway entrance at 12th&Commercial. <br /> Councilmembers were generally supportive of the recommended roundabout alternative but requested additional <br /> modeling of Safeway entrance options and more information about the City's role in determining those entrances <br /> before the roundabout design proceeded much further. Mr. Hohmann concurred and said staff would bring back <br /> additional information in a few weeks. <br /> Contract Award: Combined Sewer Overflow Pump Station Design#21-025-SEW-001 <br /> Mr. Buckenmeyer requested City Council consent to award a contract in the amount of$592,279.96 to HDR <br /> Engineering,Inc. to design a new Combined Sewer Overflow(CSO)Pump Station including abandonment of <br /> existing CSO#4. He outlined the contract and its relationship to the larger wastewater treatment plant outfall <br /> project. Councilmembers requested a comprehensive report of all the capital projects currently projected for the <br /> wastewater treatment plant. <br /> MATT MILLER moved, seconded by CAROLYN MOULTON,to authorize the Mayor to sign contract 21-025- <br /> SEW-001 with HDR Engineering,Inc. in the amount of$592,279.96 to perform the Combined Sewer Overflow <br /> Pump Station Design. Vote: Ayes-JEREMY CARTER,ANTHONY YOUNG,RYAN WALTERS, <br /> CHRISTINE CLELAND-MCGRATH, CAROLYN MOULTON,BRUCE MCDOUGALL, MATT MILLER. <br /> Nays -None. Result: Passed <br /> Finance Update <br /> Finance Director Steve Hoglund provided a detailed update on the city's financial position as of the end of the <br /> 2020 fiscal year. Mr. Hoglund referred to his slide presentation which was included in the packet materials for <br /> the meeting. <br /> Ordinance 3083: Amending the 2020 Budget <br /> Mr. Hoglund presented Ordinance 3083 to amend the 2020 budget. Mr. Hoglund explained each line item of the <br /> proposed ordinance, following up on the finance update immediately preceding this agenda item. <br /> ANTHONY YOUNG moved, seconded by BRUCE MCDOUGALL,to adopt Ordinance 3083 amending the <br /> 2020 budget.Vote: Ayes -JEREMY CARTER,ANTHONY YOUNG,RYAN WALTERS, CHRISTINE <br /> CLELAND-MCGRATH, CAROLYN MOULTON,BRUCE MCDOUGALL,MATT MILLER.Nays-None. <br /> Result: Passed <br /> Anacortes City Council Minutes-February 1, 2021 2 <br /> Page 4 of 59 <br />