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Other Business <br /> Ordinance 3081 Updating International Building Codes to 2018 Version <br /> Planning Director Don Measamer presented Ordinance 3081 for adoption, following its first read at the regular <br /> City Council meeting on January 11, 2021. Mr. Measamer reported that since that meeting,the Governor had <br /> decreed that the 2018 IBC would take effect in Washington State on February 1,2021. He called Council's <br /> attention to several changes made to the draft ordinance since its initial presentation,including fire sprinkler <br /> requirements and process for appeals of the building code. Mr. Measamer noted that the adoption date had been <br /> corrected in the ordinance since its publication in the packet materials for the present meeting. <br /> Assistant Fire Chief Jack Kennedy reiterated his explanation of the rationale for fire sprinklers based on current <br /> firefighter staffing levels and state immanent rescue regulations. Chief Kennedy and Mr.Measamer responded <br /> to councilmember questions on this topic. <br /> RYAN WALTERS moved, seconded by MATT MILLER,to Approve Ordinance 3081 as presented striking <br /> Section 903.2 on page 10 of the draft ordinance. <br /> Vote: Ayes -JEREMY CARTER,ANTHONY YOUNG,RYAN WALTERS, CHRISTINE CLELAND- <br /> MCGRATH,BRUCE MCDOUGALL,MATT MILLER.Nays -None. Result: Passed <br /> Contract Award:Wastewater Treatment Plant Outfall Project-Design#20-032-SEW-007 <br /> Public Works Director Fred Buckenmeyer requested City Council consent to award a contract in the amount of <br /> $991,523.18 to HDR Engineering, perform the final design of the outfall,including both the onshore and <br /> offshore portions of the outfall, along with investigations to support the outfall design for the Wastewater <br /> Treatment Plant Outfall project. He briefly summarized the project and the scope of services for the proposed <br /> contract. Mr. Buckenmeyer recommended approval of the contract. <br /> ANTHONY YOUNG moved, seconded by MATT MILLER,to authorize the Mayor to sign contract 20-032- <br /> SEW007 with HDR Engineering, Inc. in the amount of$991,523.18 to perform the Wastewater Treatment Plant <br /> Outfall-Design. <br /> Vote: Ayes -JEREMY CARTER,ANTHONY YOUNG,RYAN WALTERS, CHRISTINE CLELAND- <br /> MCGRATH,BRUCE MCDOUGALL, MATT MILLER.Nays-None. Result: Passed <br /> Contract Award: F4 Basin Modeling 2020-Design#20-223-STM-002 <br /> Postponed to a future date. <br /> Contract Award: Anchor QEA Master Services Agreement#21-024-LEG-001 <br /> City Attorney Darcy Swetnam requested Council consent to enter into a Master Service Agreement with Anchor <br /> QEA for both cleanup and demolition planning for the water treatment plant site under the Model Toxics <br /> Cleanup Act and to support an agreed order process with the Department of Ecology on the A Avenue Landfill <br /> site. Ms. Swetnam said the City has a good working relationship with Anchor QEA said it would be most <br /> efficient to enter into a contract with them to support the City's work on these two cleanup sites. Her slide <br /> presentation provided additional background on the two projects; her slides were added to the packet materials <br /> for the meeting. Ms. Swetnam recommended approval of the agreement with Anchor QEA. <br /> Ms. Swetnam and Mr. Buckenmeyer responded to councilmember questions about funding sources for the two <br /> task orders and the potential need to update solid waste rates in the future. <br /> RYAN WALTERS moved, seconded by MATT MILLER,to authorize the contract as presented with the <br /> addition of a Not To Exceed clause in the amount of$458,400 for the entire agreement. <br /> Anacortes City Council Minutes-January 25,2021 <br /> 2 <br /> Page 4 of 99 <br />