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Page 3 of 4 <br /> <br />• A minimum of 20% of the subject property must be <br />landscaped area <br />Setbacks from property lines are: 20 ft. Street, 10 ft. side street, 5 <br />ft. interior side, 7.5 ft. upper floor interior side, 20 ft rear yard, 0 or <br />10 ft alley setback assessor structure depending on 19.47.020. <br /> <br />DIVISION 5: COMMUNITY DESIGN <br />6. AMC 19.50 – AMC 19.54 See comments from Steve Lange of Public Works, attached as <br />Exhibit A. <br /> <br /> <br />ADDITIONAL AMC REQUIREMENTS <br />7. AMC 19.76 Stormwater See Exhibit A <br />8. AMC 17.70 Critical Areas There are no known critical areas on site or in project vicinity, any <br />critical areas within 300 feet of the project site shall be evaluated. <br />9. AMC 18.04 SEPA If the proposed development would result in over 500 cu. yds. of <br />excavation, SEPA review would be required. <br />The project proposes less than 20 homes, which qualifies as <br />exempt from SEPA review pursuant to AMC 18.04.120(A)(1). <br />Otherwise, the land division is exempt from SEPA review pursuant <br />to WAC 197-11-800(6). <br />10. AMC 16.50 Tree <br />Preservation <br />The proposed land division must comply with the provisions of this <br />chapter. <br />11. Fees <br /> <br />Below are the associated fees and required permit applications as <br />of the date of this letter: <br />Land Use Permit Fees <br />• Master Land Use Permit Application <br />• Preliminary Land Division Application <br />• SEPA Review <br />• Clearing and Grading Permit <br />Utility Connection Fees – Paid at time of building permit <br />• Water, sewer, stormwater - Based on fixture count <br />Impact Fees – Paid at time of building permit <br />• Transportation – based on the number of PM peak hour <br />trips generated by the proposed development <br />• Parks – based on units <br />• Fire – based on number of units <br />Public Works/Engineering Fees <br />• Civil plan review and inspections; right-of-way permit <br /> <br />All fees are subject to change and it is the applicant’s <br />responsibility to obtain the most current fees when budgeting <br />for a project.