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Page 2 of 4 <br /> <br /> <br />Planning, Community & Economic Development Comments <br />CODE REQUIREMENTS STAFF COMMENTS <br /> <br />DIVISION 2: PROCEDURES <br />1. AMC 19.20 Application <br />Procedures <br />The proposed preliminary short plat falls under a Type 2 Review; <br />therefore, the Director has the authority to grant approval. <br /> <br />2. AMC 19.22 Concurrency Being as the proposed project is to establish a new use, the <br />development would be anticipated to create additional impacts on <br />concurrency facilities and services; therefore, the review of the <br />required permits would be done concurrently in accordance with <br />AMC 19.22. <br /> <br />DIVISION 3: PERMITS <br />3. AMC 19.32 Land Division The proposed preliminary short plat must comply with the <br />provisions of this chapter. <br /> <br />DIVISION 4: ZONING AND LAND USE <br />4. AMC 19.40 Zones <br /> <br />The subject property is within the Residential Low Density 2A <br />(R2A) zoning district. <br /> <br />5. AMC 19.42 Form & Intensity <br />Standards <br />The standards of AMC 19.42.020 for residential zones would apply <br />for the proposed land division. <br />The following standards would apply for the proposed <br />development: <br />• Minimum lots size 6000 single family, 9000 duplex <br />• Density is 6 dwelling units/gross acre <br />• Lot coverage maximum is 40% <br />• Building height is 35 ft <br />