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RYAN WALTERS moved, seconded by BRUCE MCDOUGALL,to Approve Resolution 3011 as presented. <br /> Vote: Ayes -RYAN WALTERS, CHRISTINE CLELAND-MCGRATH,JEREMY CARTER,BRUCE <br /> MCDOUGALL, CAROLYN MOULTON,ANTHONY YOUNG.Nays -MATT MILLER. Result: Passed <br /> Contract Award: R Avenue Long-Term Improvement Project-Consultant Services#20-127-TRN-001 <br /> Public Works Director Fred Buckenmeyer introduced Senior Engineering Technician Steve Lange to present the <br /> background of the R Avenue corridor project. Mr. Lange's slide presentation was added to the packet materials <br /> for the meeting. He responded to councilmember questions about the anticipated improvements and the <br /> consultant's scope of services. City Attorney Darcy Swetnam responded to councilmember questions about state <br /> law regarding procurement practices for consultant contracts of this type. <br /> Mr. Lange advised that the contract amount shown in the packet materials was incorrect. He said the total <br /> funding for the project was $608,500 but the proposed contract with Lochner was only for$573,207. Mr. Lange <br /> requested City Council consent to award a contract in the amount of$573,207 to H.W Lochner,Inc. to perform <br /> the R Avenue Long-Term Improvement Project-Consultant Services. <br /> RYAN WALTERS moved, seconded by MATT MILLER,to authorize the Mayor to sign contract 20-127-TRN- <br /> 001 with H.W Lochner, Inc. in the amount of$573,207.00 to perform the R Avenue Long-Term Improvement <br /> Project- Consultant Services. Vote: Ayes -MATT MILLER,RYAN WALTERS, CHRISTINE CLELAND- <br /> MCGRATH,JEREMY CARTER,BRUCE MCDOUGALL,ANTHONY YOUNG.Nays -None. Result: <br /> Passed <br /> Ms. Moulton had lost connectivity to the virtual meeting during this agenda item and so was unable to vote. <br /> CivicClerk Public Meeting Demonstration <br /> Assistant to the City Clerk Marcia Hunt provided a brief demonstration of the CivicClerk public meeting portal <br /> that went live for City Council and Planning Commission meetings beginning January 1,2021. <br /> Adjournment <br /> There being no further business,at approximately 7:29 p.m.the Anacortes City Council meeting of <br /> January 4,2021 was adjourned. <br /> Anacortes City Council Minutes -January 4,2021 <br /> 2 <br /> Page 3 of 97 <br />