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**Per Governor's emergency Proclamation 20-28 et seq.,agencies are required to meet completely remotely without providing for a physical <br /> location. <br /> **Per Section 3 of Anacortes Resolution 2082 Ratifying Proclamation of Emergency and Providing Temporary Procedures to Respond to the <br /> COVID-19 Epidemic,adopted by the Anacortes City Council on March 16, 2020, and Resolution 3010,adopted December 28, 2020,extending <br /> the duration of Resolution 2082 through March 31, 2021,all in-person Committee meetings of the City Council are cancelled. Council and <br /> committee meetings maybe held telephonically regardless of whether the City has the capability of video recording meetings. <br /> **Complete guidelines for public participation in virtual Anacortes City Council meetings are available here. View the quick video example for <br /> connecting to the meeting here. <br /> Y_ ;.. Anacortes City Council <br /> ** This meeting will be held electronically only ** <br /> January 11, 2021 <br /> 6:00 PM <br /> PRELIMINARY AGENDA <br /> Packet Materials /Watch Meeting <br /> 1. Call to Order <br /> 2. Announcements and Committee Reports <br /> a. COVID-19 Update (Discussion) <br /> b. Port/City Liaison Committee (Discussion) <br /> c. Personnel Committee (Discussion) <br /> d. Housing Affordability and Community Services Committee (Discussion) <br /> e. Planning Committee (Discussion) <br /> 3. Public Comment <br /> 4. Consent Agenda <br /> a. Minutes of January 4, 2021 (Action) <br /> b. Approval of claims in the amount of$920,874.11 (Action) <br /> c. Contract Modification: Municipal Broadband Network— Library to MSTs Aerial Areas <br /> #19-175-FBR-003 (Action) <br /> d. Contract Award: Intake Pump Station Redundancy and Resiliency Study#21-013-WTR- <br /> 001 (Action) <br /> e. Contract Award: 2021 Janitorial Services #21-014-FAC-001 (Action) <br /> 5. Other Business <br /> a. * Ordinance 3081: Adopting the 2018 International Building Codes (Discussion/Action) <br /> b. Resolution 3012: City Leave for Covid-19 Related Absences (Discussion/Possible <br /> Action) <br /> 6. Adjournment <br /> Per Resolution 2044,citizens wishing to comment on items not on the agenda may do so under the Public Comment portion of the <br /> agenda. Citizens wishing to comment on agenda items indicated with an asterisk(*)may do so as those items are considered by Council <br /> during the course of the meeting. <br /> The City of Anacortes is committed to making public meetings available and accessible to all members of the community. <br /> For assistance with special needs,please contact the City Clerk at 360-299-1960 in advance of the meeting. <br /> Page 1 of 97 <br />