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A8- Wednesday,December 30,2020 Anacortes American I Legal Notices <br /> Legal N t . <br /> EMAIL: CLASSIFIED@SKAGITADS.COM • PHONE: (360) 424-4567 <br /> 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES <br /> '\.�/ c lr, <br /> WA-18-833464-SW Title RONALD L. HOPPE AND strain the sale pursuant to BUDGET FOR ALL <br /> • NI Y O Order No.: 620032973 Ref- SUSAN T. HOPPE, HUS- RCW 61.24.130. Failure to MUNICIPAL G <br /> Cit erence Number of Deed of BAND AND WIFE, as bring such a lawsuit may PURPOSES AND <br /> Trust: Instrument No. grantor(s), to FIRST result in a waiver of any 4 iv, <br /> USES FOR THE YEAR <br /> 200505240139 Parcel Num- AMERICAN TITLE COM- proper grounds for invali- <br /> •,y ber(s): 360428-4-017-0609, PANY, as original trustee, dating the Trustee's sale. X. 2021 <br /> .r 1841 ,(if, P50234 Grantor(s) for to secure an obligation in NOTICE TO OCCUPANTS4 <br /> Recording Purposes under favor of ARGENT MORT- OR TENANTS The purchas- A copy of the complete text <br /> '1CC�''S. RCW 65.04.015: RONALD GAGE COMPANY, LLC, as er at the Trustee's Sale is of each ordinance is posted <br /> L. HOPPE AND SUSAN T. original beneficiary, the entitled to possession of at the Anacortes City Hall, �1 <br /> HOPPE, HUSBAND AND beneficial interest in which the property on the 20th Anacortes Municipal Build- <br /> NOTICE OF WIFE Current Beneficiary of was subsequently assigned day following the sale, as ing, 6th Street and Q Av- <br /> AMENDMENT OF the Deed of Trust and to U.S. Bank National As- against the Grantor under enue. Upon request to the <br /> 2019&2020 Grantee (for Recording Pur- sociation, as Trustee for the deed of trust (the own- City Clerk's Office (360- <br /> CDBG ACTION PLAN poses under RCW the C-BASS Mortgage er) and anyone having an 293-1900) copies will be 65.04.015): U.S. Bank Na- Loan Asset-Backed Cer- interest junior to the deed mailed. Catch a <br /> The Consolidated Plan is tional Association, as tificates, Series 2006- of trust, including occu- <br /> Trustee for the C-BASS MH1, the Beneficiary, un pants who are not tenants. Steven D. Hoglund <br /> the planning and applica- After the 20th dayfollowingCityClerk • <br /> tion for the City's Commu- Mortgage Loan Asset- der an assignment record- bargain <br /> y Backed Certificates, Se- ed under Auditors File the sale the purchaser has <br /> nity Development Block the right to evict occupants Published <br /> Grant (CDBG), a program ries 2006-MH1 Current Number 201902260053 <br /> ( ) p g who are not tenants b <br /> administered by the U.S. Trustee of the Deed of II. No action commenced summary proceedings uny December 30, 2020 everyday <br /> Department of Housing and Trust: Quality Loan Ser- by the Beneficiary of the der Chapter 59.12 RCW. AA-2040442 <br /> Urban Development (HUD). vice Corporation of Wash- Deed of Trust as referenced For tenant occupied prop <br /> The consolidated planning ington Current Loan Mort- in RCW 61.21.030(4) is now erty, the purchaser shall <br /> process serves as the gage Servicer of the Deed pending to seek satisfac- *�Y in the <br /> framework for a communi- of Trust: PHH Mortgage tion of the obligation in any provide a tenant with writ 1 0 <br /> ty-wide dialogue to identify I.NOTICE IS HEREBY GIV- Court by reason of the Bor ten notice in accordance <br /> Bor- <br /> with RCW 61.24.060. THIS <br /> housingand communityEN that Quality Loan Ser- rower's or Grantor's default classifieds! <br /> NOTICE IS THE FINAL <br /> development priorities that vice Corp. of Washington, on the obligation secured <br /> align and focus funding the undersigned Trustee, by the Deed of Trust/Mort- STEP BEFORE THE elillatzT 1s91 mrif <br /> from the CDBG. The Con- will on 1/8/2021, at 9:00 gage. III. The default(s) forFORECLOSURE SALE OF + :=' <br /> solidated Plan is drafted AM at the Main Entrance which this foreclosure is YOUR HOME. You have COS - <br /> every 5 years and includes to the Skagit County made is/are as follows: only 20 DAYS from the • ... .:. <br /> a yearly Action Plan to pro- Courthouse, located at Failure to pay when due the recording date of this no- <br /> vide how CDBG funds will 205 W. Kincaid St. (3rd & following amounts which tice to pursue mediation. The following is a summary <br /> be used to help the City Kincaid St.), Mount Ver- are now in arrears: DO NOT DELAY. CON- of an Ordinance passed by <br /> meet the community devel- non,WA 98273 sell at pub- $157,815.27. IV. The sum TACT A HOUSING COUN- the Anacortes City Council <br /> opment needs of low-in- lic auction to the highest owing on the obligation se- SELOR OR AN ATTOR- on December 21,2020. <br /> come residents as outlined and best bidder, payable in cured by the Deed of Trust NEY LICENSED IN WASH- <br /> in the Consolidated Plan. the form of credit bid or is: The principal sum of INGTON NOW to assess ORDINANCE NO. 3080 <br /> cash bid in the form of $149,055.03, together with your situation and refer you O <br /> The City of Anacortes has cashier's check or certified interest as provided in the to mediation if you are eligi- AN ORDINANCE <br /> received a 3rd round spe- checks from federally or Note from 1/1/2013 on, and ble and it may help you ADOPTING THE CAPITAL <br /> cial allocation of Communi- State chartered banks, at such other costs and fees save your home. See below FACILITIES PLAN(CFP) <br /> ty Development Block the time of sale the follow- as are provided by statute. for safe sources of help. FOR THE 6-YEAR PERIOD 0 <br /> Grant fund to be used to ing described real property, V. The above described SEEKING ASSISTANCE 2021-2026 <br /> prevent, prepare for, and situated in the County of real property will be sold to Housing counselors and le A copy of the complete <br /> respond to the coronavirus SKAGIT, State of Wash- satisfy the expense of sale gal assistance may be text of each ordinance is <br />(COVID-19). The City re- ington, to-wit: Parcel A: and the obligation secured available at little or no cost posted at the Anacortes <br /> ceived $110,324 for this The South 225 feet of that by the Deed of Trust as to you. If you would like as City Hall,Anacortes Munici- <br /> purpose and plans to allo- portion of the Southeast provided by statute. Said sistance in determining pal Building, 6th Street and cate the funds as follows: quarter of the Southeast sale will be made without your rights and opportuni- Q Avenue. Upon request to <br /> warranty, expressed or im- ties to keep your house, the CityClerk's Officequarter of Section 28, <br /> (360- <br />$97,050 under a special Township 36 North, Range plied, regarding title, pos- you may contact the follow- 293-1900) copies will be <br /> economic development ac- 4 East of the Willamette session or encumbrances ing: The statewide foreclo mailed. <br /> tivity to assistsmall busi- Meridian, described as fol- on 1/8/2021. The defaults sure hotline for assistance Steven D. Hoglund <br /> nesses within Anacortes. lows: Commencing at the referred to in Paragraph III and referral to housing City Clerk <br /> Southeast corner of said must be cured by counselors recommended <br />$13,274 to public services Section 28, said corner ly- 12/28/2020 (11 days before by the Housing Finance Published <br /> fe.ri° <br /> to prevent, prepare for and ing South 00°08'06" East a the sale date), or by other Commission: Toll free: 1- December 30, 2020 <br /> respond to coronavirus. distance of 2,643.29 feet date as permitted in the 877-894-HOME (1-877- <br /> This funding will be used to from the quarter corner Note or Deed of Trust, to 894-4663) or Web site: 4 AA-2040443 , <br /> assist in the costs of a cold common to Sections 27 cause a discontinuance of <br /> weather shelter during the and 28 and North 85°33'55" the sale. The sale will be sumers/homeownership/po <br /> winter months for homeless East a distance of 2,543.34 discontinued and terminat- st purchase counselors fo <br /> individuals. feet from the quarter corner ed if at any time before reclosure.htm The United 060Aums36R—=;;,N <br /> common to Sections 28 12/28/2020 (11 days before States Department of --.Wa,..•.,— <br />$11,726 in 2019 CDBG-CV and 33; thence South 01° the sale), or by other date Housing and Urban Devel- <br /> funding will be allocated to 31'53" West a distance of as permitted in the Note or opment: Toll-free: 1-800- 1 . <br /> Deed of Trust, the default 569-4287 or National Web 1 <br /> the above public services 331.51 feet to the North- ,a —activity to prevent, prepare easterly terminus of the as set forth in Paragraph III. Site: <br /> for, and respond to the easement centerline is cured and the Trustee's <br /> coronavirus. recorded under Auditors fees and costs are paid. portal/HUD or for Local _ <br /> File No. 773111, records of Payment must be in cash or counseling agencies in <br /> The 2020 Annual Action Skagit County, Washington; with cashiers or certified Washington: <br /> Plan will be amended to in- thence South 51°11'53" checks from a State or fed- <br /> clude the distribution of the West along said easement erally chartered bank. The fices/hsg/sfh/hcc/fc/in- <br /> funding , <br /> which will be avail- centerline a distance of sale may be terminated any dex.cfm?webListAction=se <br /> able immediately after the 5 152.96 feet; thence North time after the 12/28/2020 arch&searchstate=WA&fil- <br /> day ` <br /> public review period. 15°30'00" West a distance (11 days before the sale terSvc=dfc The statewide <br /> HUD is now allowing a 5 of 612.00 feet to the true date) and before the sale, civil legal aid hotline for as- <br /> day minimum public com- point of beginning; thence by the Borrower or Grantor sistance and referrals to ^< JiTo <br /> ment period in light of the North 00°08'06" West par- or the holder of any record- other housing counselors On 360,,, - <br /> public emergency caused allel to the East line of said ed junior lien or encum- and attorneys: Telephone: ... <br /> 11 by the COVID-19 outbreak. Southeast quarter of the brance by paying the prin- 1-800-606-4819 or Web �4 . �°° <br /> Southeast quarter, Section cipal and interest, plus site: =- <br /> 4 <br /> The comment period for the 28, a distance of 1,150 feet, costs, fees and advances, if at-clear Additional informa- <br /> Amendment is December more or less, to the North any, made pursuant to the tion provided by the <br /> 30, 2020 through January 6, line of said Southeast quar- terms of the obligation Trustee: If you have previ- - --:..-- ,_ <br /> 2021. The Amendment will ter of the Southeast quar- and/or Deed of Trust, and ously been discharged ' <br /> be available for review and ter; thence Westerly along curing all other defaults. VI. through bankruptcy, you <br /> comment during this time. said North line a distance of A written Notice of Default may have been released of <br /> If you would like to provide 1,000 feet, more or less, to was transmitted by the personal liability for this , <br /> written comments on the the Northwest corner of Beneficiary or Trustee to loan in which case this let- <br /> amendment, please send said Southeast quarter of the Borrower(s)and Grantor ter is intended to exercise I <br /> written comments to Joann the Southeast quarter; (s) by both first class and the noteholders rights - <br /> Stewart at joanns@city- thence Southerly along the certified mail, proof of against the real property ®ira _ <br /> between West line of said Southeast which is in the possession only. The Trustee's Sale I <br /> December 30, 2020 and quarter of the Southeast of the Trustee; and the Bor- Number is WA-18-833464- __ " <br /> January 6, 2021. quarter, a distance of 1,150 rower and Grantor were SW. Dated: 8/26/2020 _ <br /> feet, more or less, to a line personally served, if appli- Quality Loan Service Corp. 1 - <br /> _ --NI <br /> Copies of the draft plan and bearing South 84°45'00" cable, with said written No- of Washington, as Trustee <br /> amendments will be avail- West from the true point of tice of Default or the written By: Meesha Batson, Assis- 71. _ <br /> able for viewing no later beginning; thence North 84° Notice of Default was post- tant Secretary Trustee's <br /> than December 30, 2020, at 45'00" East along said line ed in a conspicuous place Address: Quality Loan Ser- `` , <br /> https://www.anacorteswa.- a distance of 986 feet, more on the real property de- vice Corp. of Washington <br /> gov/174/CDBG-Plans-Re- or less, to the true point of scribed in Paragraph I 108 1 st Ave South, Suite <br /> ports. The City considers beginning. Situate in Skagit above, and the Trustee has 202, Seattle, WA 98104 For ! , / <br /> the views of all citizens, County, Washington. Parcel possession of proof of such questions call toll-free: <br /> public agencies, and other B: An easement for ingress, service or posting. The list (866) 925-0241 Trustee <br /> *ir <br /> interested groups in prepar- egress and utility purposes of recipients of the Notice Sale Number: WA-18- <br /> ing the final Action Plan and as set forth in that certain of Default is listed within 833464-SW Sale Line: 800- A <br /> amendments. A summary instrument recorded under the Notice of 280-2832 or Login to: ,.� n,°o <br /> Foreclosureprovided to the 41,',0 of the comments/sugges- Auditor's File No. 773111, a aim % <br /> tions received, and re- records of Skagit County, Borrower(s) and Grantor(s). IDSPub #0172520 F`,�•.° <br /> sponses will be listed as an Washington. Situate in Sk- These requirements were 12/9/2020 12/30/2020 dea ""• <br /> appendix in the final Plans. agit County, Washington. completed as of Published "" <br /> Parcel C:An easement for 10/18/2019. VII. The December 9 2020 NOCI <br /> For Steven D. Hoglund,City ingress, egress and utility Trustee whose name and December 30, 2020 <br /> Clerk Date purposes as set forth in address are set forth below <br /> Posted on Website: De- that certain instrument will provide in writing to AA-2038332 <br /> cember 23, 2020 recorded under Auditor's anyone requesting it, a <br /> File No. 787805, records statement of all costs and h,Y <br /> of Skagit County, Wash- fees due at any time prior 1 o Anyway You Like it <br /> Published ington. Situate in Skagit to the sale. VIII The effect of Cl� <br /> December 30, 2020 County,Washington. More the sale will be to deprive <br /> AA-2040559 commonly known as: 4918 the Grantor and all those \, /[ <br /> D E L I V E R <br /> who hold by, through or un- <br /> WILDLIFE ACRES LANE, +��� <br /> NOTICE OF SEDRO WOOLLEY, WA der the Grantor of all their 1891 eEdition j interest in the above-de- Print + Online + <br /> 98284 Subject to that cer- scribed property. IX. Any- CCU ' <br /> TRUSTEE'S SALE <br /> tain Deed of Trust dated one having any objections <br /> 5/16/2005, recorded Ifyou need assistance accessing <br /> Pursuant to the Revised 5/24/2005, under Instru- to this sale on any grounds ORDINANCE NO. 3078 <br /> Code of Washington 61.24, ment No. 200505240139 whatsoever will be afforded the online or eEdition, call <br /> et seq.108 1st Ave South, records of SKAGIT Coun- an opportunity to be heard <br /> Suite 202, Seattle, WA as to those objections if AN ORDINANCE 1.800.683.3300 <br /> 98104 Trustee Sale No.: ty, Washington, from they bring a lawsuit to re- ADOPTING THE II r <br />