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<br />NEIGHBORHOOD MEETING NOTICE <br />A pre-application neighborhood meeting via Zoom video teleconference has been <br />scheduled to introduce the potential project described below. <br />The purpose of the meeting is to inform neighbors and interested parties about the potential project at an early <br />stage and to foster communication between the applicant and the public regarding potential project issues and <br />opportunities for solutions. <br />Project Description: <br />The development of the MJB North property and shoreline will occur in multiple phases. The first phase includes <br />the design of roadway connections, utility mainlines, and water quality treatment throughout the site. The second <br />phase includes preliminary grading within the 200’ shoreline jurisdiction landward of the existing bulkhead. Future <br />phases will include a public shared use trail along the shoreline, redevelopment of the waterfront area for public <br />use, and new developments throughout the project property. Phase 2 (preliminary grading near the shoreline) is <br />the focus of the upcoming neighborhood meeting. Additional meetings will be held for future phases of work. <br /> <br />Project Location: Adjacent properties immediately north of Anacortes Marina Enterprises <br />1920 R Avenue, Anacortes, WA 98221 <br />Skagit Parcel numbers: P58064, P32969, P32971, P32970, P32917, P58059, P58060, P78000, P32963, <br />P32965, P32966, P32967, P32968 <br /> <br />Project Applicant/Representative: <br />Merlino Properties <br />Jim Blais <br />Contact Info: <br /> 206-255-5153 <br /> <br />Meeting Date & Time: <br />Tuesday, January 5, 2021 at 6:00 PM <br /> <br />Meeting Location: In order to comply with orders from the Governor to not hold in-person meetings, <br />this neighborhood meeting will be held virtually using Zoom. <br /> <br />How to Join the Zoom Meeting: <br />1. Go to or call in 253 215 8782 <br />2. Enter meeting ID: 667 625 1733 <br />3. Click Join. When asked if you want to open, click Allow. <br />4. If prompted for a password, enter: 219158 <br /> <br />OR connect with this link: <br /> <br />Join Zoom Meeting <br /> <br />