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Page 3 of 4 <br />Being as the subject property fronts on multiple streets, the <br />standards pursuant to AMC 19.61.150 must be complied with. <br />This includes the flexibility to use the standards of storefront <br />block frontage and landscaped block frontage for the separate <br />frontages on Commercial Ave and 28th street. <br />Based on the provided site plan, the proposed entrance to the <br />building will be through the parking lot. Pursuant to AMC 19.61, <br />at least one entrance must be visible from the sidewalk for a <br />landscaped block frontage or the primary building entrance must <br />face the street for storefront block frontage. <br />11. AMC 19.62 Site Planning Based on the site plan and the calculations, the proposed open <br />space appears to meet the required amount. However, the 183 <br />sq. ft. open space trellis area may need to be altered to better <br />meet the criteria of AMC 19.62.040(B)(2). <br />All buildings must feature pedestrian connections to the sidewalk <br />building entrance), meeting the standards of AMC 19.62.050. <br />12. AMC 19.63 Building Design The proposed building must comply with the provisions of this <br />chapter. <br />13. AMC 19.64 Parking The parking appears to meet the required standards of this <br />chapter. <br />14. AMC 19.65 Landscaping A minimum of 10% of the subject property must be in landscaped <br />areas. <br />Due to the development type and the neighboring R4 zoning to <br />the west, landscaping type A or B or the installation of fence, <br />along with a 5 ft. buffer is required per AMC 19.65.070. <br />A landscape plan prepared in accordance with AMC 19.65.040 is <br />required to be submitted with building permit application. <br />15. AMC 19.66 Fences, Walls & <br />Hedges <br />If fencing or hedges are proposed to satisfy the landscaping <br />requirements of AMC 19.65, then compliance with AMC <br />19.66.040 would be required. <br />16. AMC 19.67 Signs Proposed monument sign must meet the standards of AMC <br />19.67.060; the placement of a sign requires a building permit. <br />The monument sign must be setback 5 ft. from the property lines. <br />ADDITIONAL AMC REQUIREMENTS <br />17. 19.76 Stormwater See comments from Steve Lange, PW Engineering. <br />18. 17.70 Critical Areas There are no known critical areas on site or in project vicinity. <br />19. 18.04 SEPA SEPA review may be required if the proposed project would <br />result in 500 cu. yds. or more of excavation. <br />20. AMC 19.34 Boundary Line <br />Adjustments <br />Based on the deed of record, the subject property is made up of <br />3) separate lots. Being as the proposed development is to occur <br />over the shared property lines, a BLA would be required to <br />remedy the potential building encroachments. <br />FEES <br />21. Fees Estimated Fees. Listed fees are current as of the date of this <br />letter. All fees are subject to change and it is the applicant’s