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Page 2 of 4 <br />DIVISION 4: ZONING AND LAND USE <br />3. AMC 19.40 Zones The subject property is within the Commercial (C) zoning district. <br />4. AMC 19.41 Allowed Uses Based on allowed uses per AMC 19.41, mixed use development, <br />including multifamily residential and commercial, are permitted <br />within the Commercial (C) zoning district. <br />5. AMC 19.42 Form & Intensity <br />Standards <br />The following standards would apply for the proposed <br />development: <br />Density is 15 dwelling units/gross acre <br />Building height is 40 ft—however, bonus height may be <br />allowed up to 50 ft. per AMC 19.42.050 <br />A minimum of 10% of the subject property must be <br />landscaped area <br />Setbacks are 0 ft. from all property lines <br />6. AMC 19.43 Residential Use <br />Standards <br />The multifamily element of the proposed development must meet <br />the standards of AMC 19.43.010. <br />7. AMC 19.44 Commercial Use <br />Standards <br />The office space element of the proposed development must <br />meet the standards of AMC 19.44.040. <br />8. AMC 19.49 Nonconforming <br />Uses and Structures <br />The existing church on site is to be demolished; therefore, this <br />section would not apply to the proposed development. <br />DIVISION 5: COMMUNITY DESIGN <br />9. AMC 19.50 – AMC 19.54 See comments from Steve Lange of Public Works, dated <br />December 14, 2020. <br />DIVISION 6: PROJECT DESIGN <br />10. AMC 19.61 Block Frontage <br />Standards <br />The proposed development has a mixed block frontage; <br />therefore, the provisions of AMC 19.61.080 would apply to the <br />development. <br />With that, the of standards for storefront block frontage or <br />landscaped block frontage may be used for the development.