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Anacortes American/Legal Notices <br /> h• q Il�lr III lu olq'la pp.III II Ili h qu m Ihp hip IT pi ph i ah it ml hq III ou h h III[ �d I l im ul m him ml m I Ern pl pl hll lot hl <br /> 1 , .,� ail,,,�'!.,,:�:: . ii,o,l,ii lfiq,� k1, ,, .'lIl II ,, , . a�lI.+� I�.."�IIii�'i�1i,��,iio,ia. y� -�I�N ��IB' <br /> II Li 11111ildh njnl l Winnlh lid In:li IIIIIIIIIIlot lull'hill!NUM]hills I illh Inl WI it IIII Ili'fhll III Idl Ills IIIIilII a0I uIOIliltflatd ilhlflit IIIII p IIIII IIII ml III <br /> Clllpi, LLOL NOTIC ZS 'f.1001 -;IA-Jeline( 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES <br /> "um" PCI'TIGIE O <br /> fI rho'OF SEDRO Evened to the WA der the in th r of all-net- Ce0, , WA 982Ska2i1 and iha yin or o arlo pro- ree dlopu of the gp for <br /> T:-1LI`iT I..1'S.a,ALL; 99n94 edfTr a deed dourest in the a .Arty- County, WA 4003) quire mmegaorno me si re-s record prove,p b hearing for <br /> r•2005 of Trert oared onethd ng any ie Any- new 5,fa ty ill consi t quire sg ron a loran the fitedbut should e <br /> .:r :c . .led 5/24/2005, recorded one having any y grounds The new 5400t will consist l IS is pre or whether an submitted tad by the dale <br /> 'C''deof Wax„I'',.my''c'::a. 612a/20No. I4013- ar this sale on any e grounds I a 12unicat monopole EIS is prepared.A copy Id above to reca'ye consider.- <br /> ''''' e- <br /> sa•a,1'Y3 let Ave Sean, emt No. 200805240939 err vypever will be afforded telecommunications tower, the subsequent threshold lion during preparation of <br /> • 202, Seattle. `:VA cords of SKAGIT Colin- an opportunity to be heard Any interested party wish- determination far this pre- the staff report. <br /> S,a. Tn,,S ':rile Nu.: '_y Washington, Iron as to those objections if mg to submit comments re- pose once issued.may be <br /> W:'I1d.S''''''SVv Till, 0ONALXJ L.HOPPE AND 0rev bring a lawsuit to re- garding the potential effects obtained upon request. Open-Record Public <br /> Or;±er Nc�..:;'.f,;,;;ry 3 into- SARAN T.HOPPE,IIUS- train the sale pursuant to the proposed facility may Hearing: An open-record <br /> ':E Num,ber of Daad r: gm'LT AND WIFE, oy RCW 51.24,130.Failure to have on any historic prop- Existing Environmental public hearing before the <br /> e.f-q.: tern-totem Nu, drnntor(s), so FIRST bong such a/lawsuit.may arty may do so by sending Documents:Critical Areas Planning Commission will <br /> :i000052401•i9= ;al Nurr- Ah1CRICAN TITLE COM- resell in waiver of any comments to: Project Report(March,2012);Crib- be required for this project, <br /> Y=,,�i it'll 0a-011•!1509, 'ANv,as ong'nal boat+:,, Proper grounds for;neat- 6120010223-MN EBI Con- cal Areas Mitigation Flan but has not yet been <br /> 1'r e.b Greeters) Iso e n obyeohon'n dating the Trustee's sale.X. suiting,68'76 Susquehanna (March 2016E SEPA check- scheduled. Notice of the <br /> •nr'r ARGENT MOST- NOTICE TO OCCUPANTS Trail South, York, PA list (updated 9'25/19); public hearing will be pro. <br /> Ft -,ri ea PJ1. r. ' en TENANTS The ponchos- 17403,or vas telephone at Stormwater Drainage Re. ',tied at least 15 days bre <br /> PC";Ere.0•1 RONALD GAGE.COMPANY,LLC,es at the Trustee's Sale is 851760-5938, <br /> L.HOPPE AND 3DSAN T. r'.I hlitre.orv, ttw_ el (2 port (4/13/pe JARPA fore the date of the heaving. <br /> enefwial.ate,.III_i sty, emoted to possession of (2/24/15);Slope Evaluation Final decision the <br /> IICF FE HUSIIAND AND 'o:;aquenty assigned iha property on the 20th Published (3?/061; Trip Generation project application(*)will be <br /> WI'E l:r'e'.H,:eadav;.:rt _'s u.S,Bank National As- day following the seta,as December 9,2020 d Sight Distance port de by City Council(dale <br /> Re 'red of Tart ern diction,as Tr;see far against the Grantor under (9/5/08) revised(7/16/12); TBD). <br /> '-;,ne,ard",;;.Pam 'O AA-2039226 <br /> rho C-BASS Mortgage the deed a treat(the own- Tree2/OH); rohee Plan <br /> 15ra�,os 1 rre under Pr.'" n Asset-Backed Car err and'",one having Invoetog); Archaeological Preliminary Determination <br /> -5•:0,015:.U S.Bank N.- 7:a interest junior to the deed Y Invests 1 Report of Consistent A <br /> nil Ar,:ccivt'rn,, as :Meares, banes 2006- of Kist, including coca- lT OW (9/16f�.Application dow• mum,this project a will tie <br /> Treece tom the C-EACv i`''''•t;e"Pr.-rt.,'11"" V <br /> assrgnrnzrl reed- Faris who are not tenants. moots may be reviewed al subject to the following <br /> Mango. Loan Asset- - a'I Attar the 20th day following hlWs://www,anaoorteswaa plans and regulations:Ana- <br /> N k 1 C rill',-area 3e, ep Jn ter Ar dl s F'le lit sale the purchase'has �an,._�� oov'TEl/Plannno-Commu- codes Municipal Code Title <br /> n ber 20190°260053 }►�1.6t7rp1•r rq- <br /> 'V0a MH1 "trot�1 Ina right to evict oecupanta nay-(edpotrltc-Devoloo- 16 Tree Preservation.Title <br />' T - Ma teed of h No. Be,,,,,,,,mart d who are not tenants by 189."' '� ant by clicking Current 18 Environmental Protec <br /> L•v t os the sum ry''''' g n- 9CrOrit • projects'and then opening lion,Tale 17 Zoning,and <br /> In Ouora: oah- dins i <br /> c e Y:,, f Wasl+.- .s C of Trost as 0A)lanced der Chapter59.12 RCW. - the a project fits the Ana-conies Engineering <br /> v1'atent L e a,HC'di l•te ,ash s js new appropriate foFdata <br /> ir,rlydn Latent Lc en filer- For tenant-occupied prop. number folder. Design Standards. <br /> canting is seek sa,isfac- a y, Purchaser shall REVISED NOTICE OF <br /> r � of-he Daad d the <br /> T.,-..H.Fl/a Mortgage ,of the:,hlignhI I'n any pewee a tenant with writ- Public Comment Period: Project Contact: Libby <br /> I t I a:a,h=ea- APPLICATION <br /> T 'l EIS HEREBY er tan 6 roe n accordance Any parson may comment par- <br /> Gregor Planning Manager: <br /> .,torte Eeerol &OPTIONAL SEPA <br /> Id 1..1 Ova t t b'+I..h,.e , G 1i RCW 61.24.060.THIS on the application pu public <br /> par (3601 000rle 86;kbby0mc- <br /> of„a l _." NOTICE IS THE FINAL DNS Process tic pate inblic hear t g <br /> the IJ•:•rc of Trust/I.daa- any pu yomnacorlesx <br /> :,alum':wad at <br /> 1:•e' _,;iqe iii 'h.;d,tiotre for STEP BEFORE THE SEPACOMMENT micas).Subma SEPA-related GayofAnacortesCornmu- <br /> ii lies?Kuril at 9::10 ,,rp, 11'�s fortoi;,lca2 :s FOREOLOS HOME <br /> SALE OF PERIOD EXTENpF,Q written comments to the oily&Economic Develop- <br />' AM tl the Main 2nlounty - vie. ,s7-=_ iclimvs. YOUR HOME You have contact Ysted below by moot Teem-Intent,P.O.Box <br /> it e ::,,a qr: (,.Purl, 'rIr.•reiC Toy when d.te ilia only 20 DAYS from the File Number. oUO.2012- December16,2020 a15:00 547,Anacortes,WA 98221 <br /> .5 Kit- <br /> 6le. beat', at 'adorerwhich raoo ping dale of this nor- OROI PM,Written manta re <br /> 23r;V1 At.(Ad!: g line to Pursue mediation, garding the PUD,prelims- Published <br /> raleTid Si,MC lint Ice- ;,5;,615,27 00, I',.t'Th.sam DO NOT DELAY. CON- Applicant: Jerod Barth, nary Plat,and CUP applica- December 4,2020 <br /> I,, are,t32'-70'cc i,•0 rec. a of-I 7aj01 no- TACT A HOUSING COON- P.O.Box 1061,Anacortes. loons will he acute ed until AA-2039194 <br /> • t'- a Ira"'ghee o by the Deed of Trust SELOR OR AN ATTOR• WA98221 <br /> ` :'.rbidder.payable rn w The" nr.,pel o00., oNEY LICENSED IN WASH- Orates Shadow Creek In- <br /> 1,1 lat. 'eel,PId or 51,9.055.0S.(camber with INGTON NOW to assess oeetmenle,P.O.Box matmatin'd I, 'eel,e tone -of 'niera,i es prov'dee''n et, your situation and refer you Anacortes.WA 96221 <br /> :check,;'..e'tdleo 'tote Or.ri 1/1/2013 cn,and la mediation rl you ere 0118-t,i.•.fr nt Gamely or -,,,h other;oats and loss bra and amay help you Project Location'Located <br /> ever, <br /> :e,h:•rtered books, at ,ore pmc'ided by statute. save your home.See below the north side of Marine <br /> •et 0::0 II-e fella•,,' Ile a,r ov-described for s le sou f help. Dnve,approximately 250icr <br /> s:ce r,x xr<I-eat proper:/, artywill he sold to SEEKING ASSISTANCE north of its intersection vdth <br /> i ' n Ihr• +;r ty of ,e:propati..fy,tee nxperae of sale Housing counselors and le- Marine Heights Way,(As- <br /> SKAGIT .OrTaa of Wash- end the obirgation secm'ed gal assistance may be lessor Parcel a:P1232721 <br /> ir.gteo. m-'sit' Partei A by the `:e v of Tour ore aoadoble at little or no cost <br /> Tire Seth o" c'tf:.+.1 provided by statute,Sad to you.II yea would like as- Date of Application:June <br /> (pinion c ;Ira ,del^east ;ale will be made'a itlo: a err a determining 18,2012 <br /> e -.o' •e:,Yr.ex8rasad s 0r - your rights are opporturti- Data of Complete Apo_ <br /> Ap - <br /> I Tea r c a:hr Fec,ic 18. pl red. gmdmg title.P lies to keep your house, cation:October 17,2014 <br /> nteio Y'lier-h,n^nga it You may''.ontact the foRow- Date Revised Information <br /> :'::I:r e i, 1/s/2021.The delves a.The statewide foredo- Received:September 20. <br /> Ar:•Tideo:de,trrh.tnri1rwa I::r Ice it <br /> to it pat-ag'aph III st hotline for cotan.a 2G20 i YOU DON'T WANT <br /> t; ,d tier, r-,:t to cured by and r(weal to housing.: 'rt."'r� .id 12'2&2a2V GI days before oun•elors recem endai Application Typef De- <br /> I` a stirs cater o,s,of er by the Hous ea F nance oq ption Phoned Un t De- C <br /> re 1 ..1 =1• 1 ,ate e vane.fto the 07-6Comm...,-HOToll-Ira-: 7• port, pro, preyPreirn t. THEM RESPONDING <br /> .( ,. Hot er Dead of 67T-0963/ °' (1 87.' n ry environmental <br /> approval end <br /> T:h r. r,�ta' o The agile will <br /> r-; 8g4-4663) ar eait,op site; SEPA diu,cly approximately <br /> The sale call be limy'/•wwlv.dfi.wa.9oa'</ ta 2.3-acres <br /> apphr.lots TO YOUR TEXT. <br /> I`.;4 _ rr„mane-wI• JyyTurcha eeovnash Nog 2.43-ore single ahrea lots <br /> h 1 r • a. ny ,ns belu a at Purcha-P r o r auto i, cash ten 00001 unite <br /> r •11:c i ?u 20?0 r,,1 days before recto„sre,hl t1 fhe Unclad and associated access el- <br /> k - "-ir""' 28 ::oral.or by I eS date States Department f 'lies,and Tilestormwater iniras- <br /> e'_'"I"'"-'coul•r G1' permitted.a the Note-or Housing and Urban Dever• tiudea The Proposal in <br /> C 1'r-.•sl:'e:•t dinar,,:.:,t mer.,,1 of Tr u: the default cement: Tall-tree: 1-800- eludes a conditional use <br /> "l Ler I.:ha 0.11' _ e.,1 forth in Paragr:ph III. 569-4287 or National Web permit application for de- <br /> s ;e,'hr terre,n.:r. ri added and the Tmstee'.s Site: v IcPmeM within a fish and <br /> n ,aril r-,Mail no and dogs a e pars. httoaiIHUD hud,00v.'hud- waildlde habitat conservation <br /> l 'corded ,'J1. 'r } the m cash or portaVHUD or for Local rea(Anaea Bourn)oulon- <br /> ^ a <br /> rr"yd•r;!1 I - 1 <br /> "k 'r..m. t t r„h e low, with ear, r certified counsWashington: <br /> ager.cres in rig sing for of t culvert <br /> ") 3 L a Stale k. Waah nglom crossing for ac nary ale <br /> th-.1 SnJ 51r1152` le h hared hank The iKesthwododt/h oifc/of- access off Ma120 Dnve, VI:31nliirlai <br /> 1 I brim <br /> t rrmrm8/020 dexefma/s'obl nt fcti trotapp 01 hataly 120 Nee. <br /> I nine 72128/20lo dex.cfmv n•ebl sfAci an-ore feet of channel realignment. <br /> _. <br /> J t t t i t d) b(n he s Ic a ot&searnhate.WA8fl- •A'eiland butler width aver• <br /> 1 3G 1- d. 1.-)andIllleo,the sale l6r^d04gaje The statewide aging, and mitigation nor <br /> • f the t - by the Be-rower or Grantor civil legal ad hotline for as- temporary and permanent l <br /> I 1 I' fi or.he holder of any ecord- srstance and referrals to impacts.The site is located ra <br /> It \ I or sr et- other housing counselors within the R2 zone The ,C •tW <br /> y F t I Ii t 1 m Ih and attorneys:Telephone: t includes proposed .1 14 it1HMn : <br /> I y paving y1, p proles ne <br /> 1' -f d Interest. I si1telemdrnat19 or Web tonal standards, <br /> ar P,2 cli din -•. bb,�. <br /> i' i�" t c d y cte:YtlP''nwloshce,ora/wh canal standards including hp,t1, <br /> t ('{ I .t thegi clear Additional informer building lb ks, and s abrenaverat'i.. <br /> N. Y { fire ebkaation 1.on provided by the being considered under the A <br /> Ike cf moi - vast'1 d Deed f T d t I yo-t have hrevi• Ld ring, other a'' a °IA' .' <br /> r h a' - other r default:t/, cosy bean discharged land toe control oat- <br /> .'" •�: <br /> fill'fi-I A l Notice c Dead! through Lanbr.ptoy, you n rues.and procedures n '' /. <br /> •- r, Mouser riled by Me may have been'Meas.'of place at the time the aspli- <br /> _ ei:r, on Trustee to personal liability for this cation war:deemed con <br /> ur.,',' I t r r r ,�,Ctimera <br /> erree and Gainer loan it which case this lot- piste, <br /> uL_l5_ 'ol ,r by cosh firs)clet•n and to;is intended to exercise <br /> car anti `rem, -.e:1 tern prod` of the noteholders rights Other Required Project <br /> "rri1 tuna tilt• hick is n the possession against the real propeity Permde/Approvale. The <br /> �� I'.;I '1'r''via" 'e'unc''' c1 ire Trustee:and the Bor- only. The Trasles's Sale following may be required <br /> ,n,0.r n' ;he ?nut ee.:s+ and Grantor were Nnber is WA-18-633464. addition to the above: <br /> c a d'r'ar ce of,16C. n uroially served,if apple- SW. Dated: a/25/2020 Civil Construction Plan op- <br /> r I t r: I I to said written No- Quality'Loan Sauce Corp, proval,Final PUT and Plat <br /> 1 N I''''a are 'Default or the written of Washington as Trustee approval, NPDES Con- <br /> 'Pt'P tl a r ill a= a t f Default was t- B Meeera Batson Ass is- erection Stormwater Gen- slop <br /> R <br /> f/ t f J he r 't ed.11 eapwuous place tent cretaly rmatee s oral Parma,budding peinna TEXTS STu�'WRECKS.ORG <br /> ;"] .1.1.",lamp teen•,= n the ma' property de- Address:Quality Loan Ser- (s);USACE and WDFW Per- <br /> '•li 1 - 1 I Paragraph vice Corp,of Washington oats/authorizations. other <br /> . 't" °f 6 d see Trustee hes 108 1 et Aye South,Sete applicable state and tedaral • N_HTSA <br /> 1 i•:'it t 'qi1 p 1 of £ f each 202 Seattle WA 98104 For permits/authorizations. ('pu <br /> CO.-.y.Ytataingten.Pc,.oi <br /> U:A-assamarr!re mgrres, 'e is posting The list reset/006/ions -all 'TTrustee <br /> dares d Mean•retoo;n; of r`Default I of the Notice Sale N9umber: WA-tee SEPA t Review:The City of <br /> sat Forth in,.,at rerlein of Nntaur +,Dated•within 333 SW Sal': leA-t0- that <br /> has dsales not <br /> +era - vie oloyur':' 28002012W Sale Lee.oam 610: liket this proposal 51 no- <br /> /te,,m,;'Ptaf'�'r 7� re Piidbtatoth,e a3g-/bwe or Login vie likely to result in any men'9l <br /> Ia c 'k C _v Tha.e Bercreer() t r G 1 tie lO P'uwa.quslitvl 65172 2 imcant adverse ermrossuarmO <br /> ".rlun au:-Is Ok- aAti s at.. net' IDSPub 00172520 01 o t,and ast:,f Non- <br /> n9it,l:�tnrr,.rWarai,ingtr•n. completed < o' 12/?/2020 12i3CJ2020 of a Determination of Non- <br /> e Parcel;asament Ire 1 W16/20t0. c VII. the Published Mows once(DNS)is likely <br /> .oar»,,and uldity Huston�• no rid December 9,2020 hlidwing the oamment pa- <br /> ` whose <br /> f?rih below tied for this notice,Tha op- <br /> r:mo=-ds .net fora'it "Ii noes Cr ,ail ro December 30,2f120 tional DNS pro•nea t ,g process of used <br /> AG <br /> the certain nAirumzni equell en it, AA-2033332 for this <br /> is being used <br /> n-In. anon.A records er,t of all coon ere <br /> for this proposal:This may <br /> rFile Pla,7OTNi!t,records .a at arty time prior Public Notice be your only opportunity to <br /> of Skiert Cowell'.Wash- ,;has VIII me affect o: comment on the a - <br /> irate•L Sit,eta in Skagit ::ate,rill be la depriv, AT&T Mobility, LLC is <br /> mental impacts o1 the pro- <br /> . rite,Washington,Mr Cor end all those prcpar ong ! 1.00l s Posal.The Proposal may x 4 "` et <br /> -'.rii known a- 4918 who fold Ly,through a un- new telecommunications crude mitigation measures <br /> '1VI,.DLIFE ACRES LANE, tower facility loudad at WA under applicable codes, <br />