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Page 2 of 3 <br /> <br /> <br />Shoreline Master Program: <br />2. The proposed bulkhead work is located at or landward of the Ordinary High Water Mark <br />(OHWM) and thereby subject to the 2010 Shoreline Master Program; the following regulations <br />should be incorporated into the project and design: <br />3. Chapter 5.6 Aquatic Shoreline Environmental Designation, describes development regulations <br />for work waterward of the OHWM. <br />4. Chapter 6, DR6.7.1 describes water dependent use environmental protection requirements, <br />including the need for a biological assessment. <br />5. Chapter 9.11 describes development regulations specific to Shoreline Stabilization. <br />The preliminary design appears to be in conformance with the shoreline regulations. <br />SANITATION DEPARTMENT: <br />6. No concerns. <br />WATER DEPARTMENT: <br />7. No concerns. <br />FIRE DEPARTMENT: <br />8. No concerns.