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<br />Page 3 of 3 <br /> <br />o There shall be an onsite preconstruction meeting prior to the start of work. <br />o All Right of Way work, sidewalk closures, and traffic revisions, and inspections shall be <br />coordinated with Justin Symonds, Public Works. <br />o Contamination in the 2nd Street Right of Way shall be addressed with application of <br />bioremediation material at the time of back fill, or a written commitment to remedial <br />action of remaining contamination in the future. <br />o The site including sidewalk, curb, parking strip, plantings and City Right of Way shall be <br />fully restored to preconstruction conditions. <br />o Lighting, dust control, and all erosion control measures shall be implemented during the <br />project. <br />o Noise escapement shall be controlled. Construction should occur during normal working <br />hours (Monday through Friday, 8AM to 5PM). The project shall comply with <br />environmental noise standards set by the State of Washington, WAC 173-60. <br />Fees <br />14. Land use permit application fees will be exempt. Based on the information provided in the pre- <br />application submittal, the following fees are applicable: <br /> Engineering Plan Review and Construction Inspection Fees (2% + $500) <br /> <br />Please note that these comments are preliminary in nature and subject to change based on information <br />that is more detailed and future changes to the development regulations. If you have any questions, <br />please feel free to contact me at (360) 588-8234 or by email at <br />Sincerely, <br /> <br />Tess Cooper <br />Associate Planner <br />