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<br />Page 2 of 3 <br /> <br />Stormwater <br />3. Per AMC 19.76.050, the applicant must locate and design all buildings, streets and pathways, <br />parking areas, and utilities easements to promote public safety, ensure compatibility of uses, <br />minimize effective impervious surface, preserve native vegetation, and complement <br />predevelopment site characteristics such as topography, soils, hydrology, and other natural <br />features. Please review this and integrate applicable items into your plans. <br />4. Please review AMC 19.76.060 regarding stormwater facility location, dedication, modification during <br />construction, maintenance plans, and plat notes. There are applicable standards that will need to <br />be integrated into plans. <br />5. Please review AMC 19.76.070 regarding general conveyance requirements, easements, tracts, <br />covenants and integrate applicable items into your plans. <br />SANITATION DEPARTMENT: <br />6. All good from Solid Waste. <br />WATER DEPARTMENT: <br />7. No concerns. <br />FIRE DEPARTMENT: <br />8. No fire issues. <br />PARKS DEPARTMENT: <br />9. No concerns. <br />PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT: <br />10. See attached comments from Steve Lange <br />Review Process & Submittal Requirements <br />11. Based on the project description and information provided, the following application <br />types/processes appear to be required (see AMC Table 19.20.030-1): <br /> Shoreline Substantial Development <br /> Grade & Fill w/ Stormwater Review <br /> Demolitions Permit <br /> ROW Permit <br /> SEPA Determination <br />12. The proposed action is exempt from procedural requirements of state and local permits that would <br />otherwise be required under RCW 70.105D.090. Therefore the City is waiving all permits except <br />that, for project tracking and fee invoicing purposes by the City, the Port shall submit the master <br />land use and clear and grade application forms but there will be no review time or approvals <br />necessary. <br />13. Conditions required: