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LE pI NOTICES, 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES Ad a�r���1te�� Tips <br /> NOTICE OF -i 11 d he ,tat toy If yyouId like ■■A/w�Yf(- <br /> TM U51 LIPS SALE 5eLured by the Deed ef sisiance l determining Notice: Affected p p dy <br /> Toss as provided by your nghts and opportune- owners may request a <br /> NOTICE OF TRUSTEES tut d sale house, <br /> bra ties to keep your use, change ,n valuation from 1111 11 11 1 !IIIII IIIII IIIJI,I', <br /> ALE t M 11 a fie- made h t warranty.ex- you may contact the follow- the county assessor forIB�1,of`�'e 4• K More you Sc»'' <br /> CaJa lit yyasingt,n pressed feel,regard- mg The statewide foredo- property lax s purpose. II 11 <br /> sny.109 is1 Ave no title possession or en- sure hotline for assistance notwithstanding any pro, <br /> on 1/4/2020, and referral la housing gram of revaluation. Include answers to as litany of the points noted in each <br /> Smith Suite Co2 ,Seattle, '''..Pranc <br /> WA 96104 Trustee Salo The defaults referred to in counselors recomr ended <br /> Pb,' WA-£1T•98494PRM Paragraph III must be cured by the Housing Finance Published type of ad shown below for maxltnum response to <br /> T`Ir Order solo' 57G521a by 11✓26/2020(11 dap be- Dommnason' Toll-free. 1- November 25,2020 your reader ad.A national tureen/by the CLASSIFIED <br /> I)rl nr<a N.mbei of Deed -ore the sale data),oe by 877.894-HOa E (1-87T- AA-2038392 ADVERTISING MANAGERS'ASSOCIATION hasshown <br /> '—,.s[ Instl;,ma lit No, dthsr tale as permitted re 894-4663) Web site, <br /> 2J070G29a130?areal Nun: 'he Nola 0 Deed of Trust. hlip:n/wwvr,dfkws.gohicon- these are the features that people want to know when <br /> e An ciiinbe smne^slhomeownershp:po IN THE SUPERIOR <br /> P 71r26r1170.OJP et theI The sale will be answering an ad. <br /> secPurchase counselors fo <br /> r M1 ant:nsr +,�, - d ,ter-,oats mdrx,rr hem The United COURT OF THE <br /> HCr t'r ihJIra PIOFMAN ad t nee before State, Department f STATE OF Autos fur Sale Het Wanted.' <br /> 11 2312020(11 Jays before Housing and Urban Dowd. <br /> WASHI TH <br /> U, CAMPBELL AND cater .r h dicer dare opmerie Ton-free: 1-�0- IN AND FOR THE Lt4' Krde A`h <br /> CH RISTI GAMPNELL, milted-h the Note or 569-4287 or National Web COUNTY OF KING we I e ai <br /> HUS95100 AND WIFE �=ed o the dor, 8rta: veil I:-veer <br /> _reL ':f+^._ __h u..t'siaarepr,ul http./lporel.hud.gm7hud- E tatem mcw.�. <br /> ''1.f "'e Ssd and the Trustee's potaUHUD r for Local PHYLLIS L.WEB6 prarrd.,iea•ar"'' r"a0"' <br /> aurpr,'. and eels are pair, rho nseling agencies m Deceased, eni.e aped <br /> 1i' ll- 'aye. r Wa>tinglon en i.e iVa'Mh <br /> Dank T National r A „II, i- be <br /> Ace,'caddied hit J'www.hvd, red spar nevyµ,ury <br /> ,l i,us t In IC Ia wdu v p' gov/of- NO,20-4-0820g�SEA hdxe bees <br /> e.:ks from a State o.led- hcavnsgn.nbLscife%in- PROBATE NOTICE TO hr,;,.e;,,,,„ie1„ee, ! <br /> Bin Solely„s a .•nattered bank.Tee dex:Net°webLislactione. CREDITORS (ROW - ) a ( iWer.n.«,. <br /> O,orer Ire[ch I,.r yin n:hy be terminated any nr:k,5eeerrhstatccWARiil- 11.40.0201 O'+a:wa..r. <br /> 1/RNI'rO 4n.00t Toast Ode- eme t0�, <br /> ., a•the before the/2T le clodte•S tonal a The ne foride co tin a, <br /> ;�-.the D:a`1';.i (1 i edo's the Die. civil legal aid hotline far as- PLEASE TAKE NOTICE a <br /> T . O 1 Lurn 'el' octal -i f e the sale stance and referrals to <br /> vise Corporation f Wash- by the Bc rower or Grantor other howl counselersrepresentative <br /> Tt anent l Mon, 9 The personal Blowh <br /> r the horde.of any retort- and -50 481 Telephone been <br /> named below have LNesttie ,24dt�4 I I I Is <br /> g ' t• of i Dad -r,v or a' Or e c u n- site, GO6-4819 or Web been appointed as the "" 'i, " N'll4q[�91�� 1p�'IQIgI <br /> CETitiot. Fay 8HEREOh ir,ruiknan n paying she plus sea: estat.Pony person <br /> e "b"a'�'I'°MeIIII''Ittllel <br /> I.LC D that <br /> h ity Len coal and interest. plus clearr/mxlusonal information <br /> estates Any against then having a sedrrxa're <br /> OtVEN .ha! G.lallryr Lcs'an coats.lees and advances,a clear Additional iTc,stn Lon claim afore the decedent a'm: 110rm,a<,-'• <br /> mice Ch-p,of Wash op- any.wade pursuant b the provided by the Trustee:II must,before the time the %w <br /> fen, the undersigned of the obligation you have prevmusly been claim would be barred by ma0W'4"^ .at✓1e'"' <br /> F',:.:be.toil or,12/s/2020, and/or Creed of Trust,and discharged through any otherwise applicable 5500.1sa! y, <br /> at 1060 AM Ai main en- ouru all other defaulter VI. bankruptcy,you may have statute of limitations. W"el I art. <br /> trance 'o the cSkegrl .A'nri tin Notice of Default been released of personal present the claim r the r"'= t' <br /> Ivry• Cpurll+n se es s transmitted S by the liability r this ban manner crby ce in a <br /> atwol <br /> &Kincaid St ulocated 3ehefic2y or Trustee to which case this letter:s in- RCW 1 70 by serving I sejs.,two no <br /> at 205 W. Kinooid St, :1Ve B.orro 0 first <br /> and Grantor role.ato exercise the on or mailing to the person- wave l.,•r <br /> Mount Vernon.WA 9527 (a)h tF t I class and noteholders eght- against al representative or the i LnexmeHntvne„,ae,e•xr. <br /> :It, - 1 i mail, proof c• the real property only.The perscnel representative's Hindered <br /> hailed beetbidder: h t11 m'u irA t,o, Trustees Sale N b attorney at the address �i,^S'va mu..vnn. <br /> a Ole f,+ ere, oI 1 I t to the Bur- 4VA-2c-68494 Quality' <br /> Dated: state.below a copy of the Weise.e <br /> Lie hash hid toe rower •d t,arlor were Service <br /> Qualty Loan dam and filing the original I ,_J <br /> lord:el-.bolds;;neck eir e,e,so-oliy served.If apple ce Corp.of Washing- of the claim with the court ��¢,5wr9giw1p � mImm�nyp� —� <br /> woks horn J,- eahle,with said webers No- ton. Trustee By Marla in which the probate pro- nnWvrid N1 ln�l lllf�III;PI� 'udlllll6 �'i�n <br /> II r.,:a h derdd r c'Default or the written Movesla Assistant Secre- ceedmgs were oom- <br /> herAr..11the:r I 5.ale Notice r Default was pest- trey Trustee's Address• menced,The claim must be I u <br /> , <br /> R,,,,,*eo bad ad p uonI plane Oualty Loan Sauce Corp, at:Ill ed within the later <br /> f ' 1 Y tl K'cart} de- 1 Washington 1081 st Ave of(1)Thirty days after the .t cn. -e5aclante A.10. <br /> CdC"e of SKAC.IT,,Apt,of or:aafi 7 Parac-opt South Suite 202,Seattle personal presentative ;0. _ I rn4.a s.rt00r <br /> CITYngton,x-,e Los;: above,rind the Trustee he, WA gm04 For questions served or mailed the nodes Ca, 1 1 r`eseaa'Ism ksidar <br /> CITY OF SEC RO WCOL: possession of prod of such nail toll-free:(866)925-0241 to the creditor as provided ow., anise*van <br /> LEY SHORT PLAT NO. cm rcor dr posting.The list Trustee Stile Numbs,:WA- under ROW 11.40.0200N ke'a <br /> 600S,95 APPROVED f recipients f the Notice 26584940-RM Sale 'one: ort2)four months after the b:owetlu,e -•ore. <br /> FEBRUARY 2,2006 AND of Default isrlist d wilhe, 918-939-07T'L 'Login ir: date of first publiwhrn of Ir actor rr,a <br /> 2ECORDED FEBRUARY the Notice of ooreelosure http://wa,qualityloan,eom the notice.If the claim is item hyper,. <br /> 2we UNDER AUDI. ciovided tic Cie Bohawer(s1 IDSPub 40172413 not presented within this arreiroHa/naafi., swear Wa,4w.anu <br /> TOR'S FILE NO. and Ornnio•is;. These re- 11/4/202011,2512020 time frame,the claret is for- Hor.lex.olulg Ora.e.!Yre <br /> 2000'0'0J2UU51,iT EG011G8 quirmnents were completed ever barred,except as ribs rxr Want <br /> OF SKAGIT COUNTY, of 8/25/2020,VII.The Published a provided in ROW <br /> f'�Se ervis <br /> WASHINGT .. 'e a, November <br /> Pu4:n<n..F, <br /> ..ION: BEING ,a 'urr' hone. rnr.,e. ,d NOVe 25.20, PIN bar red 1ve as60, =r:,T,v. <br /> PORTION OF'RAC'22 v d - el'.1",4 Ice+ 7h'•bar is effective as to <br /> d <br /> CDRJ AtvREA C A . r II p ot lit, 25,7120 claims against both the <br /> f DINC TO HE ILA 4 1 9 t AA-203712d decedent's probate and II 1I ��''ppp(nl96 PI �I-1IpI0 <br /> -NFFFOF RECORDED IN ' [ 1 f ail nonprobate assets. ' I'I�IIIIIIIIII I.11��'1 It'1'�ol Ib <br /> VOLUME OF PLOT l l i p j <br /> t rE s REC0RD5 )F h 1 t,lll ll ( c1 ,1'y Date of First Publcation of tnd-I free <br /> 'K T COUNTY,4/A 1 '-1 ti i ill be to de- V/1.. \dy this Notice: crN k•a <br /> IN I114 I ie v r for and all November II,2020 y ,ova"-ra <br /> I' 28 Y T4 • h, hold 1y through 'riealAnr.�ai. rowed Gzxrc <br /> 1 d ra,lor of ell �"Y• - Carol L Avery. Gee StorueSew' <br /> ST, DI,O V OLI 1 1CIy <br /> 4A 9f284- bl ! t' L I the above- Personal Representative """ liars <br /> Seed k ,ary II .a, +.n,v Bwn,keu.! <br /> T a nztnng an rb)Bc '�COfSIltaS'. Address for Mailing or Ser I � ran <br /> r ,, ti ,e me vice- <br /> _01 U 1K1T U - e tl .O 11 be rey for Es atemerka,AQo:- <br /> -I AO T Gee d d .pp t lv m NOTICE OF DECISION dy air Eslrta I <br /> Wn i..natnn, l r,1, NCH' li heard t o 'I j vice:Addl L for IdailiLivingston <br /> o rack. • <br /> M:•CI '.4P.IPU ELL AND - 'if thry L'nrg a 4hvsui-. Fite Number. SFL 2020. vice: Llvingstnn te,elle ' <br />• ::bair,ne.abpc•s,,lant odd, Attorney for Estate,Betts .— 1 L— <br /> '`"1fi1. CAMPBI L1., ,n FstiN ei"C30.F'zdurc Patterson & Mines, 701 <br /> P,1"13`,"'')"MD',1, -y/nag s.urh a laersl.'t may A B Leant: Andy Holman, Pike Street, he 1400, <br /> sale", to iRStAMEN- ,,,,It in a .+mere t. anyv P.O.Bea 0260,FridayHar• $Battle,WA98101 Contact information—forplatingaclassifiedad <br />• I a 71 b <Own AI 11 ; F 9rounas ter irval- hod,WA 98250 360-424-4567.800.683--.3300.424-5300(fax) <br /> Tr I( GI CCINT/ <br /> nTrustee',tale A. A Comas Same Published <br />• <br /> i, E TC OCCUPANTS pP ciassifiedgaskagr(it ublishin,tom <br /> I.r ;If •,R 1E",A•riS The Pin- project Location:1420 M November 11.18 b p g <br /> Wd_t:o d,'ASH0O F'ihIAN- er at the'prvstee s Sale Ave. (Assess,' paroel N &25 2020 1VNM'.g0$kdglt.Con)—Marketplace/Submit Ad <br /> CIAL WASHINGTOid 1, ant tied ie posse.s,k,of p665621 AA-2037319 <br /> INS, Os uriyim.:htnenu.,, r property or.the born Project Name) Resters <br /> =henetnia erne-ass'n Dray foll0twn9 tit,"Bale, s <br /> ird)or, was subsequently First Addition Shod Fist A C n / <br /> 'Airier the Grantor.own- n�L �y FIRST <br /> o r sional b US Bonk Trust m..feed of tutrote.(Ilia own- Applioohon Type / De- PORTABLE De- <br /> National uowl Association,on,Not ad and a none haringthb an „option.The applicant re- a®j <br /> In Itt alely A Capacitytarter of trust, <br /> junior to the cvrc quests Preappory oh di- <br /> But I I A O „f t t lulling subdivision approve)to di- <br /> Trustee For.VRIWIrri A l rent not tenants• vide a 9,000 sq.Ile let into 2 rp'FIli9Rllneri"�P6i1! <br /> Trust. 6 / Af the0th day tolcwer lots The sues zoned R3, t1Y1l0EI Ctt'7`f9£:rF +"PF? <br /> or:en ,e,1 n <. h the p.cower has it exrsl ng angle-tamly _ <br /> ed Lilco- Ax 1 airt t occupants residence pose <br /> Headier U2WY50L11 II tenants by be retained,s • <br /> proposed to �* <br /> No I anent') 0 proceedings u <br /> th 1 F: I h Deed Chapter 59.12 ROW. ,may, 'A <br /> T d t t d p o NoveDatember <br /> of Final Decision: it fry <br /> ROW to 21.000(4) arty, the ht,chaser shall Novomber'8,202U NI 1� <br /> r• I t p A I lit,with wv t- Date Notice of Decision <br /> iCt on or Ott t e accordance foss.,Novembe,13,2020 '1 <br /> , ,11' th R x03. ; e1„ 0 THIS y, '- <br /> G I f NOTICE IS THE FINAL Dencrs,on. Approved, with ' <br /> ly o <br /> STEP BEFORE THE 'cltrona <br /> I re ritirrordcrt, FORECLOSURE SALE OF ., <br /> ergo.I T MA)f YOUR HOME acid have SERA Threshold Deterrni- s ,+ <br /> 4 I 1 ^C DAYS from the nation'Thy project state- e 2 <br /> mania .srere es t II recording date of this no- a, <br /> F I pay AK 1 he t sEpA sly axamat vitro life •4"" ,' ' <br /> tolled { amounts xh..h C0 NOT UELAYpdCON. SERA review. <br /> TACT A HOUSING COON- Appeals F' <br /> S10,021.90. I The ;ELOR OR AN ATTOR- Appeals: A I of the 'd- epee <br /> dec'son- this P''oposal <br /> nostip on r i. rE,LICENSED IN WASH- .tat be fled by 00 pp,' • 't i-i <br /> I J l Trust 1NGTON NOW to assess December 1 2020 Please A .,y <br /> 11 ,h diion i'you ate t dndeel tfu refer to AMC 192U U30 ntl + P Sy� <br /> AMC 1920,180 for <br /> hite-76 as appeal <br /> .elr, ir, dale y010 tile d f y heir y , p c:edurea Project Con- Roj:Ugnl fM EryebOopApQ t� <br /> end iJI ' . 1 S I e toot Libby Grey,.PlaningI t. I d -col f help. Manager Phone:(380)299- a Aan ; ,. .;;.a N., le tire oro.mied : CEKING <br /> ASSISTANCE 1986: IbbybOcityolana dryrr <br /> O. The t I p counselors e and le- tortes,org City of Ana- 'A ,��•C <br /> bz tortes,P.0 Bcr.`o4i Ana- "'""'"`''"•"*• , „�r <br /> s.J o e, air,h ,pert,' ova I ble et little 01 no cost codes.'NA 98221 <br />