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USGS The National Map: Orthoimagery. Data refreshed October, 2020. <br />National Flood Hazard Layer FIRMette <br />0 500 1,000 1,500 2,000250 <br />Feet <br />Ü <br />SEE FIS REPORT FOR DETAILED LEGEND AND INDEX MAP FOR FIRM PANEL LAYOUT <br />SPECIAL FLOOD <br />HAZARD AREAS <br />Without Base Flood Elevation (BFE) <br />Zone A, V, A99 <br />With BFE or DepthZone AE, AO, AH, VE, AR <br />Regulatory Floodway <br />0.2% Annual Chance Flood Hazard, Areas <br />of 1% annual chance flood with average <br />depth less than one foot or with drainage <br />areas of less than one square mileZone X <br />Future Conditions 1% Annual <br />Chance Flood HazardZone X <br />Area with Reduced Flood Risk due to <br />Levee. See Notes.Zone X <br />Area with Flood Risk due to LeveeZone D <br />NO SCREEN Area of Minimal Flood Hazard Zone X <br />Area of Undetermined Flood HazardZone D <br />Channel, Culvert, or Storm Sewer <br />Levee, Dike, or Floodwall <br />Cross Sections with 1% Annual Chance <br />17.5 Water Surface Elevation <br />Coastal Transect <br />Coastal Transect Baseline <br />Profile Baseline <br />Hydrographic Feature <br />Base Flood Elevation Line (BFE) <br />Effective LOMRs <br />Limit of Study <br />Jurisdiction Boundary <br />Digital Data Available <br />No Digital Data Available <br />Unmapped <br />This map complies with FEMA's standards for the use of <br />digital flood maps if it is not void as described below. <br />The basemap shown complies with FEMA's basemap <br />accuracy standards <br />The flood hazard information is derived directly from the <br />authoritative NFHL web services provided by FEMA. This map <br />was exported on 10/29/2020 at 10:43 AM and does not <br />reflect changes or amendments subsequent to this date and <br />time. The NFHL and effective information may change or <br />become superseded by new data over time. <br />This map image is void if the one or more of the following map <br />elements do not appear: basemap imagery, flood zone labels, <br />legend, scale bar, map creation date, community identifiers, <br />FIRM panel number, and FIRM effective date. Map images for <br />unmapped and unmodernized areas cannot be used for <br />regulatory purposes. <br />Legend <br />OTHER AREAS OF <br />FLOOD HAZARD <br />OTHER AREAS <br />GENERAL <br />STRUCTURES <br />OTHER <br />FEATURES <br />MAP PANELS <br />8 <br />B 20.2 <br />The pin displayed on the map is an approximate <br />point selected by the user and does not represent <br />an authoritative property location. <br />1:6,000 <br />122°36'51"W 48°30'37"N <br />122°36'14"W 48°30'13"N