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Ellin <br />PROBABLE LOCATION OF <br />16-FT. PSP&L EASEMENT <br />AF NO. 321628 <br />87 Sj. 14r, <br />POSs4;1491,:°;56'1:'4C°.'91 <br />4f0 41'0 )"..1 c'Af <br />44 <br />P 5992-8 <br />Ampron <br />( <br />P61871 \ <br />Lave e <br />NEW Er WATER MAIN <br />477 LF TO FIRE <br />HYDRANT <br />,eed their current extend (see <br />Hidden Shortes Wetland Deliniation Undate <br />Memorandum, Dated Septemter 2019). However, <br />the wetlands will be protected to the full extend <br />shown as originally intended. <br />\ Miter <br />Ha on <br />EX. <br />SSMH <br />— - <br />\ , <br />* <br />\EX%;'T ,8" <br />1-f)PE‘ <br />'1.1 _VERT <br />P12654.1 47 <br />4)) <br />P5992-4: <br />600112 <br />c.o <br />* 968; <br />Hen nx <br />N 89°42'47" W <br />211.32' <br />/, <br />j -10'-10'19trAar z <br />_ <br />/ i co 5' min --- <br />TLAND TRACT D / <br />43,696 SF <br />1.00 ACRES <br />NGPE / <br />/ <br />5' min <br />ACCESS <br />ROAD TO SSMH <br />'Po <br />c' <br />(273 <br />PAD <br />HEIGHTS <br />'-EDGE OF ASPHALT <br />NEW.5' SIDEWALK <br />BEHIND GUARD ,RAIL <br />EXIST. 5' SIDEWALK <br />141, <br />PADI <br />q1/4 <br />HEIGHTS <br />PROPERTY <br />GRAPHIC SCALE <br />20 0 20 40 ao <br />FEET ) <br />1 inch = 40 ft. <br />A*5. 152 Et3 <br />' TRACT A P3242-9: <br />43,565 SF ' Gay n <br />1.00 ACRES \ <br />‘S` <br />605 ) <br />70684. <br />55 -Ill'!;Lr <br />BEGIN CURB &- <br />GUTTER <br />P13014, <br />PAD <br />HEIGHTS <br />PROPERTY <br />n <br />J i P5996-7 <br />I <br />I Scott <br />--.1 <br />I <br />I <br />12' <br />12.56' / <br />S 89105257V <br />END OF NEW <br />MARINE HOG <br />5' <br />SIDEWALK AT DETENTION <br />PROP. LINE <br />I— >-m <br />cn <br />Z S'a <br />0 i.L. <br />Ill I 0, <br />Cr 1-. <br />0 olg <br />.j-CP.Le <br />I <br />I <br />-D=397 '30' <br />L=100. 5' <br />R=146. 9' <br />25' I 25, <br />I <br />D=T9'12 <br />L=8 .75' <br />R= 46.19' <br />ANACO BOURN <br />CROSSING <br />ZioF <br />DOSTIN <br />ROUTE OF SPREADER <br />THE \ ELEV.= 178, <br />ANACO C.0 <br />OURN <br />#217 5 <br />WETLAND A <br />60' BUFFER <br />- EMERGENCY <br />POND <br />OVERFLOW <br />NOTES.- <br />1. FOUND CONCRETE MONUMENT IN <br />FENCE <br />SANITARY <br />SEWER <br />STORM <br />SEWER <br />WATER <br />MAIN <br />SDCB <br />SSCO <br />SSMH <br />WFH2 <br />WGV <br />WMET <br />LEGE\D <br />6 <br />14 <br />TOP OF BANK OF <br />ANACO BOURN <br />MEASURED 10-27-2015 <br />WETLAND A2 <br />(40' BUFFER) <br />P'c-171174 <br />Sho <br />MING MARINE <br />HEIGHTS CUTFALL <br />TRACT C <br />ANACO-BUILDING <br />SITE, BOURN & <br />WETLAND A2 <br />11,044 SF <br />0.25 ACRES <br />3,511 SF OF <br />WETLAND <br />BUFFER <br />NGPE <br />x <br />ss <br />SD <br />LOT AREAS <br />LOT 1 6761 SF <br />LOT 2 7360 SF <br />LOT 3 4322 SF <br />LOT 4 4387 SF <br />LOT 5 3551 SF <br />LOT 6 3185 SF <br />LOT 7 4617 SF <br />LOT 8 5336 SF <br />LOT 9 4047 SF <br />LOT 10 11,044 SF <br />AVERAGE 5,461 SF <br />2-3-2020 <br />Rev.B, February 3, 2020 SHEET Cl OF 9 <br />HIDDEN SHORES PRELIMINARY PUD <br />OWNER/DEVELOPER Shadow Creek Investments LLC <br />PO Box 1061 <br />Anacortes, WA 98221 <br />HERRIGSTAD ENGINEERING & SURVEYING <br />4320 Whistle Lake Road, Anacortes, WA 98221 (360) 293-8804 <br />DWN BY: DKH <br />CHECK BY: DH <br />DATE: Aug. 2019 <br />SCALE: 1"=40' <br />JOB2012-68 <br />