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open-record public hearing for the project, but should be submitted by the date above to receive consideration <br />during preparation of the staff report. <br />Open-Record Public Hearing: An open-record public hearing before the Planning Commission will be required <br />for this project, but has not yet been scheduled. Notice of the public hearing will be provided at least 15 days <br />before the date of the hearing. Final decision on the project application(s) will be made by City Council (date <br />TBD). <br />Preliminary Determination of Consistency: At a minimum, this project will be subject to the following plans and <br />regulations: Anacortes Municipal Code Title 16 Tree Preservation, Title 18 Environmental Protection, Title 17 <br />Zoning, and the Anacortes Engineering Design Standards. <br /> <br />Project Contact: Libby Grage, Planning Manager; (360) 299-1986; <br />City of Anacortes Community & Economic Development Department, P.O. Box 547, Anacortes, WA 98221 <br />