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Page 3 of 8 <br /> <br />Division 4 Zoning and Land Use <br />3. 19.40 Zones <br /> <br />The site is zoned R4 and is within the Medical Overlay. <br /> <br /> <br />4. 19.41 Allowed Uses • Multifamily, 5 or more units is a permitted use in the R4 zone, subject <br />to the use standards in AMC 19.43.010.H and I. <br />• A Daycare II is a conditional use in the R4 zone. <br />• Supplemental permitted uses in the Medical Overlay are listed in AMC <br />19.41.090.A. <br />5. 19.42 Form & <br />Intensity Standards <br />See referenced section for specific standards, including setbacks. Key <br />standards = <br />• Minimum lot size is 4,200 sq. ft. for a duplex, and no additional lot size <br />needed per additional unit beyond a duplex <br />• Maximum density = no maximum <br />• Max. lot coverage = 50%; note AMC 19.42.110 for lot coverage <br />calculations, exceptions and modifications – esp. in the R4 zone <br />o For multifamily, max. lot coverage is 75% when at least 50% of <br />the required parking is accommodated within and/or below <br />the structure. <br />• Min. 20% landscaped area <br />• Max. base height = 40’; Max. height with bonus = 50’ (see AMC <br />19.42.050) <br />o For buildings exceeding 40’, a three-dimensional visualization <br />of the proposed building is required to be submitted with the <br />application (see AMC 19.30.030.C) <br />• Setbacks – see referenced table and 19.62.030.C <br />o Also, note permitted projections into required setbacks – AMC <br />19.42.140. <br />6. 19.43 Residential Use <br />Standards <br />See AMC 19.43.010.H for residential use standards applicable to <br />multifamily development. <br />Of note: