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Page 2 of 8 <br /> <br />Note: Not clear where dumpster enclosure is proposed – if it’s on the alley <br />– unclear where truck would turnaround. <br />Building <br />Rob Frisinger, Plans <br />Examiner <br />Building permits would be required. A sprinkler system would be required. <br />Plans will need to address the separation requirements/ rated assemblies <br />between units and between the occupancy types. Penetrations in rated <br />walls or floor/ceiling assemblies will be required to be protected by a rated <br />assembly. Details and cut sheets for those assemblies are required prior to <br />permit issuance. <br /> <br />Planning, Community & Economic Development Department comments: <br />Anacortes Municipal <br />Code Reference <br />Subject Site/Proposal Comments <br />Division 2 Procedures <br />1. 19.20 Application <br />Procedures <br />It appears that the following land use permit applications and procedures <br />will be required: <br />• For 10+ dwelling units - Site Plan Review (Type 2) (AMC 19.30) <br />• SEPA review required for > 20 units (Type 2) (AMC 18.04) <br />• Conditional use permit for a Daycare II in the R4 zone (Type 4-CC) <br />(AMC 19.36) <br />• Building permit(s) <br />• ROW permit <br />Submittal checklists and application forms are available on the PCED <br />website. See AMC 19.20.040 regarding optional consolidated application <br />processing. <br /> <br />The Director has determined that a preapplication neighborhood meeting <br />will be required to be conducted by the applicant prior to a formal <br />application being submitted. See AMC 19.20.100 for details. <br />2. 19.22 Concurrency Concurrency review is required for the following concurrency facilities: <br />• Water <br />• Sewer <br />• Stormwater <br />• Transportation – Third party consultant review